Pilates will help you develop your inner strength, power, and agility. Developing these core principles will not only change your body but your life.

The BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Mat Certificate course gives you the skills necessary to teach an engaging, safe, and fun group fitness-style basic Pilates Mat class. While Mat Level 1, 2, 3, and Magic Circle may be taken as a stand-alone certificate course, these courses are included in the 450-hour training. You are not considered a fully certified Pilates Instructor unless you have completed the entire Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training course. 

Amy and Rick Lademann created BEYOND MOTION® in 2007 and opened the headquarters in Naples, FL in 2009.

Recognized as leaders in education, this award-winning facility is known for their outstanding training and support.

Teachers, Coaches, and Educators from a variety of disciplines travel from around the globe to train at BEYOND MOTION®.

After years of being asked to train others in her techniques, Amy is excited to share BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Teacher Training programs. BEYOND MOTION® versatile Pilates Instructor Training program is sensitive to your time and budget.

Whether you want to have a career teaching Pilates, or you are just looking to deepen your practice, we can help you reach your personal goals.

Pilates is one of the fastest growing fitness programs in the world, and the quality of education from BEYOND MOTION® is highly respected by professionals in the medical, health, and wellness communities.

The BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Teacher Training course focuses heavily on alignment, muscular balance, dynamic and functional movement patterns, assessments, and movement modifications.  You will utilize the tools of both classical and contemporary Pilates principles to help guide you to become a versatile, informed, and educated teacher. During our intensive course, you will be continuously supported through your journey by our highly qualified team of Pilates professionals.

Both the Pilates Mat and Comprehensive Pilates Instructor programs offer a dynamic, integrative approach to the art of teaching and practicing Pilates. The BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Instructor Training is founded on the philosophy that Pilates is a workout encompassing strength, power, control, flexibility, and agility, used to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals.

BEYOND MOTION® comprehensive 450-hour curriculum not only takes you through the full Pilates repertoire but also teaches you how to assess which movements are best for each client. Our instructors have the unique ability to tailor their teaching approach in order to work with people of all fitness abilities, ages, and levels.

This 450-hour program is designed as self-contained modules, with one module building upon the next. By taking one module at a time you will fully experience the Pilates methodology and work. We offer three different courses of study: the Mat Certificate Course (For those looking to deepen their personal practice) the Equipment Course (For those that have already gone through a Mat Certificate Course and are looking to further their education) and the Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training Program (For those looking to Bridge from one Pilates Program to another, and for those looking to become a Pilates Instructor).

The BEYOND MOTION® Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training Program meets all of the requirements of the Pilates Method Alliance for a 450 Hour Comprehensive Teacher Training program, and for the PMA Certification eligibility.

If you are ready to take the next steps to create an amazing career as a Pilates Instructor,

please click here to fill out your application.

We look forward to you joining our next Pilates Teacher Training Series! Upon finishing all of the requirements, and earning a score of 80% or higher on the final exam a certificate of completion will be issued.

Requirements for completion of the 450-hr training:

Anatomy & Movement Science

Structural & Movement Analysis, Injuries & Conditions

Pilates Philosophy

History & Professionalism Code of Ethics

Mat Level 1, 2 & 3

Pre Pilates, Stretches, Exercises, Precautions & Contraindications

Exercises, Precautions & Contraindications, Movement Science & Anatomy

Mat Level 2

Written & Practical Test

Mat Level 3

Written & Practical Test

Magic Circle

Reformer Level 1, 2 & 3

Exercises, Precautions & Contraindications

Written & Practical Test

Reformer Level 1

Written & Practical Test

Reformer Level 2

Written & Practical Test

Reformer Level 3

Written & Practical Test


Exercises, Precautions, Contraindications, Anatomy Review

Written & Practical Test



Exercises, Precautions & Contraindications

Written & Practical Test



Exercises, Precautions, Contraindications

Written & Practical Test


Self Practice

Includes your self-practice hours, student teaching hours and observation hours which must be completed within 90 days after your final exam.

You deserve a career that brings you joy and allows you to do what you love!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course dates?

BEYOND MOTION® We are working on our Pilates Teacher Training Dates for 2023. Please call (239) 254-9300 for details.

Our sessions are an expedited emersion training with home assignments, required reading and video work. The dates are set to assist you in reaching your goals of going into 2023 with a greater understanding of how to perform and teach so that you are able to work with clients of all levels and abilities. Class are in person and not on zoom. If you miss a weekend module you are still responsible for the work assignments for that weekend.

Individual weekend dates may change as needed in order to provide students with optimal learning time between units. Each module has a practical and written quiz at the end of the weekend.
Your final exam will be scheduled as a separate exam date after all course modules have been completed.

For those going through the Comprehensive Pilates Course, the course schedule, observation and apprentice hours will be scheduled based on the trainee’s schedule and our studio schedule.
(Please note, times listed may be modified as needed by the BEYOND MOTION® Pilates teacher training team.)

Please fill out the application on line. CLICK HERE

Self Practice and Apprentice Hours
  • All self-practice and apprentice hours for the Comprehensive Program must be completed and turned in within 90 days of your final exam.

**Included in the comprehensive 450+ hr training is Mat Level 1, 2, & 3, small props, as well as all of your Equipment training.  If you are interested in signing up for the Pilates Mat Certificate Course separately, the dates are the first three weekends of the full training.

How do I complete the course?
Upon completing BEYOND MOTION®’s Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training course we suggest you teach for a minimum of 6 months prior to taking the  PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) exam. Continuing education credits will be offered through the internationally recognized organization all year long. The Pilates Mat Certificate course will end with a practical and written exam as well as a practice class. The Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training will end with a practical and written exam.

All of the following must be completed in order to receive your certificate of completion:

self-study, homework, videos, and apprentice hours

BEYOND MOTION® may offer CEC’s throughout the year.

What are the course prerequisites?

Knowledge of the fitness industry and the teachings of Joseph Pilates is highly recommended. Each student should be familiar with the practice and technique of Pilates. Ideally, you should have some experience in both Mat Pilates and Pilates on the equipment before embarking on the 450+ hour teacher training.

Prior skills from an athletic activity can help develop body awareness and other attributes that are extremely beneficial to the Pilates teacher training. We will provide options for you to take Pilates equipment classes and private Pilates sessions throughout your Comprehensive Pilates Teacher  Training at a discounted rate.

To book appointments at BEYOND MOTION® prior to your teacher training please contact the studio directly at 239-254-9300.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Refunds are given only if cancellation is received in writing 30 days prior to the course start date that the applicant has applied to. The deposit is non-refundable.

Tuition payments made prior to the course start will be refunded if cancellation meets the above requirements. Any tuition paid is NOT refundable once the course begins. A Non-Refundable Deposit of $350.00 is due with registration to reserve your spot.

What if I have started my Pilates Teacher Training through one company but want to take modules from BEYOND MOTION®?
While it is essential for any instructor to learn from a variety of educators, in order to effectively pursue your Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Certificate we suggest selecting one company to work with from beginning to end. If you find that you need to change from one Pilates certificate program to another, it may be possible that your coursework will carry over to BEYOND MOTION®’s Pilates Teacher Training Program, assuming you began your training with a PMA recognized program. Please call us at 239-254-9300 to discuss your situation further.
I am looking for CEC’s can I take one module of the BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Equipment coursework?
While each piece of equipment is a stand-alone module you may need to complete one module prior to taking another. For instance, Mat Level 1 is required before Mat Level 2. Please call us at 239-254-9300 to discuss your situation further.
What is the difference between the Pilates Mat, Equipment and Comprehensive Courses?

BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Mat Training gives you the skills necessary to teach an engaging, safe, and fun group fitness-style basic Pilates Mat class. While Mat Level 1, 2, and 3, may be taken as a stand-alone certificate course, these courses are included in the 450-hour training.

BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Equipment Training allows someone that has obtained their Pilates Mat Certificate of completion from another recognized leader in education but would like to transfer to BEYOND MOTION® to complete their comprehensive course. While we welcome all applicants we will need a copy of your certificate of completion from your school and to speak with your instructor prior to being accepted into the BEYOND MOTION® Pilates training program.

BEYOND MOTION® Comprehensive Pilates Training is a complete Pilates education that includes an in-depth study of the Pilates Method, anatomy, exercises, sequencing, assessment, teaching skills, and more. You will utilize different pieces of Pilates equipment in great detail. As part of the Comprehensive Pilates Training Program, students will be able to attend BEYOND MOTION®’s Pilates studio for many of their observation, self-practice, and student teaching hours. Once you have completed the BEYOND MOTION® comprehensive program, final exam, and subsequent training hours, you will have satisfied the requirements needed to sit for the PMA-CPT Exam.
What should I do before my certification course begins?
Prior to starting your Pilates Teacher Training with BEYOND MOTION® you should attend up to 10 private Pilates sessions to understand our equipment, the BEYOND MOTION® methodology, and the Pilates exercises work for your body. Please click here to schedule your private sessions. (Insert email) info@go2beyondmotion.com (make it a button please) 
Required reading: 
To assist you in your career as a Pilates instructor you will have required reading throughout your program. The following materials may be ordered in advance through AMAZON so that you are prepared. We would suggest ordering the materials 2 weeks in advance so you have a chance to review them.
Return to Life Through Contrology. https://amzn.to/37svvMs   
Pilates & conditioning for Athletes https://amzn.to/3fJmmDw 
If I complete BEYOND MOTION®’s Pilates Teacher Training program, am I guaranteed a Pilates Teaching job?
 BEYOND MOTION® is growing and we always consider hiring new Pilates talent onto our team. While we have hired some of our best students that have completed and passed the BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Teacher training program, not everyone going through our program plans on teaching. Some students just love being students and want to learn more for their personal Pilates practice. If you live in the Naples area and are interested in teaching Pilates please speak to Amy during your training and let her know. 

If you have already completed portions of this training please contact us to discuss joining individual weekend intensive training. To become a fully trained BEYOND MOTION® Pilates Instructor, students must complete the above requirements. Upon completion of all of the requirements, a certificate of completion will be issued.
Begin your journey to a Pilates Career with the BEYOND MOTION® Pilates training system.
curriculum built for your success.

When exploring the idea of pursuing a Pilates Teacher Certification I looked for a program that was focused on the fundamentals of Pilates. I wanted to learn the “right way”. Beyond Motion's program provided exactly what I was looking for. It was not only professional, organized and comprehensive, it was fun and extremely rewarding. I feel that it prepared me for teaching pilates with knowledge and confidence!

Jennifer S.

If you want to really enhance your personal Pilates practice, challenge yourself while also having a great time, and potentially open up an exciting career path, sign up for Amy Lademann's Pilates Teacher Training program at Beyond Motion. The program has been so rewarding for me, and I think anyone who is serious about Pilates will benefit from this immersive and engaging experience. Amy is an incredible instructor and coach, and every day of the training was interesting, challenging, rewarding and fun. My interest in Pilates teacher training goes back over twenty years -- but with no time and no appropriate place to pursue the best quality training, I let my practice and aspirations languish. Then I moved to Marco Island, discovered Beyond Motion (I know, it's a long drive, but worth it!), started taking Amy's Barre Motion class and eventually private Pilates sessions and group equipment classes. I rediscovered my love of Pilates, increased my cardiovascular activity level through Barre class, lost over 20 pounds, turned a health scare around and ultimately enrolled in the Pilates Teacher Training course. I feel better than I have felt in decades and wish I had found Amy and the Beyond Motion team years ago. Regardless of your ultimate ambition -- becoming a Pilates teacher or simply developing your own practice and knowledge -- don't put off your passion for Pilates, give yourself the gift of training from one of the best instructors in the business --- the Pilates Teacher Training program with Amy Lademann at Beyond Motion.