Livestream Fitness Classes

  1. Your schedule changes daily and you miss getting to your favorite barre or fitness class.
  2. You travel often and it is hard to stick to an ongoing schedule.
  3. You prefer to workout at home, but find it hard to self motivate.
  4. You live in Naples, FL part of the year and live someplace else the other part of the year and miss your favorite fitness classes at BEYOND MOTION®. 
  5. Social distancing has become a “normal” but temporary practice and you are not able to workout the same way you usually do. 

Whatever the case for LiveStreaming fitness classes, we have created an easy to use system that allows you to create or log into your existing account with BEYOND MOTION®, pay and schedule your livestream fitness class. This means that you are able to join us regardless if you are at home, in a hotel, or visiting with friends around the globe.


The best part? You’re never sweating alone. You’ll see us doing the same workout on the other side of the screen, as well as get the perks of your instructors in-the-moment, unscripted cueing. It’s as close as you can get to being at BEYOND MOTION® without actually having to drive to the studio. 
When are BEYOND MOTION®’s livestream fitness and barre classes offered?

Please allow the schedule a few seconds to load…

What do I need in order to join livestream classes?

You can tune in on your iPad, laptop, smartphone, or smart TV to take advantage of our current class schedule. 

Are LiveStream classes as beneficial as in person fitness and barre classes at BEYOND MOTION®?
Not only are these sessions helpful to maintaining physical and mental wellness, they offer a sense of community and accountability. Since the classes are live we can see you and you can see us. 
When you schedule a workout for, say, 9:00 a.m., you’ve pre-empted the need to make a decision about whether you should work out. 
How do set up a livestream account?


  • Download the ZOOM Client (App) onto your laptop. Laptops (be sure screen saver is off or set to more than 1 hour) are the best way to do these virtual meetings, but they can also be done on your mobile devices.
  • APPLE DEVICES (iPhone, iPad) and ANDROID DEVICES can be used as well.
  • Practice “solo” meetings to see how to best set up and angle your device so that the instructor can see all of you whether you are standing, sitting (dining room chair) or laying on the Mat face up, prone or on your side. The more we can see of you, the easier it is to cue you as needed!
  • Zoom has tutorials on the website to help you set up.
  • For the best lighting, avoid having the camera facing a window. Close vertical blinds and turn lights on in the room.
  • Prior to the class you will receive an email from BEYOND MOTION® with the meeting login information (Meeting ID and Password). Simply click the link in the email to join the meeting.
  • Upon entering the meeting, registered attendees will go into a waiting room for the instructor to let them in. Please try to arrive 5 minutes before the session/class starts for setting up and introductions.
  • When the group classes begin, the instructor will mute attendees to allow all attendees to see and hear the instructor only on the screen. The instructor will be able to see you to give cues. Private sessions are not muted.
  • Please make sure your computer/phone or iPad is placed on a stable surface and not being moved during your class. ZOOM is a very intuitive program and moving your screen and/or speaking will prompt the “camera” to focus on you vs the instructor. It will impact what others see and hear.

At the end of class, the instructor will open your mics up so you we can all catch up and chat. 

What should I have with me for a livestream class?

Set up your space prior to the meeting and keep your props (Mat, ball, weights, exercise bands, mini bands, Pilates Magic Circle, foam roller, etc.) close by. A bottle of water and a hand towel will come in handy. Keep pets away from exercise space so you are not distracted and they don’t “trip” you during your class.

  • Barre Motion and Pilates classes you may want your grip socks
  • ReGen class is done with barefeet or socks
  • STRENGTH class and Meta60 you will want to wear sneakers
How do I register and pay for my livestream fitness class with BEYOND MOTION®?
  1.  you are an existing BEYOND MOTION® client, please log into your account through either our website or the BEYOND MOTION® app. Select the livestream fitness or Barre class you are interested in taking and pay for the class. Each class is $10 and you may purchase as many classes as you would like at a time. 
  2. If you are a new client you will still go to our app or through You will then create a new account adding your information and purchasing and registering for as many livestream fitness classes as you would like. 

Have friends and family you would like to workout with? Now is the time to share what you love!

This option is available globally.

Hey Amy! Great class STRENGTH today and thank you so much for having these zoom class times!

Martha G

Thank you so much Amy for providing virtual classes through Zoom. I was saddened to leave Naples for home during this pandemic. The classes are just as challenging as if I was in the studio. It also is very uplifting to see all my Beyond Motion friends again. Even though I am on Cape Cod I feel connected until we are all together again😍 Thanks again

Nancy D

Hi Amy, Brilliant barre class this morning...thanks as always. Love being able to get together with you and everyone else at the virtual Beyond Motion studio!


Thank you!!! Livestream Strength class was a mix of awesome and brutal. I would have never done all that work on my own. Thanks so much. See you Friday. :) My best,


Love, love, love the zoom classes! Seeing Amy's face and getting my blood pumping first thing in the morning is the perfect way to start my day!

Nancy O

That was awesome Amy, loved the new ReGen Livestream class!


Hi Amy First of all, thank you to you and Rick for being so adaptable and creative. For me, having the classes at a certain time and day of the week helps so much as far as removing the need for me to try and get motivated on my own. Also it helps to have a tool to help provide structure in my day during this time. I hate to say I’ve gotten into a new normal. I think the livestream classes are challenging for sure and well done. I always feel great after. You are giving good instruction, so that when I do lose the picture, I still sort of know what to do. I would continue to attend virtual class when I am gone in the summer and other times. So I’m so glad this will continue. Again, I’m very grateful this is available to us. Thank you, thank you! Best


Your LiveStream Fitness classes have saved me. They have given me a reason to get out of bed each day. Having moved from Naples 7 years ago, it’s been the silver lining to reconnect with Beyond Motion. My fitness was always best when I was coming to Beyond Motion a few times a week for Pilates and Strength Classes.

Amy R

Thank you! STRENGTH class on Zoom was awesome I'm sure I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow when I can't walk.

Deb K

Wibs STRENGTH class on Zoom this am was great. I hate/love strength training with him. Seriously, got my heart rate up and challenged me. All good!

Christin P

Beyond Motion Zoom Strength classes are the anchor to my fitness routine. In this time of uncertainty, knowing that I can “zoom" in at 10am on Mondays & Wednesdays to see Wibs and Amy has really given me peace of mind (and a great workout)!

Daryl S 

HI Amy, I’m really enjoying the ReGen classes! These are the perfect exercises for me!!

Diana D

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