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Athlete Training

Beyond Motion Athlete Training
There are a variety of individual athlete training options available with BEYOND MOTION.

Each athlete’s training program includes a comprehensive individual assessment that involves anthropometric measurements, functional movement and manual muscle testing, as well as performance testing that is designed to measure the attributes necessary for each athletes chosen sport.

The athlete will then be provided an individualized strength and conditioning program based on the strengths and weaknesses derived from their initial evaluation.

The BEYOND MOTION athlete performance program is known for training elite athletes in the following areas: tennis training, baseball training, basketball training, football training, lacrosse training, softball training, volleyball training, hockey training, track and field training, triathlete training, swimming and water polo training, rugby training, soccer training, golf training, Olympic lifting training, and more. They are truly Southwest Florida’s leader in sports performance.

Individual training times are subject to availability.

Call (239) 254-9300 to schedule an individual evaluation and help them reach their ultimate potential.



Beyond Motion professional athletic development testimonial from Chris ResopAs a Major League Baseball Player, I wanted the best professional to take me, and my game to the next level. Rick proved to be one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and hands-on strength trainers I had ever worked with. It was a pleasure working with Rick preparing for each baseball season. Now as a retired MLB player, I continue to train with the BEYOND MOTION® team to maintain my fitness level. – Chris Resop, Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates


Middle School Athletes

Middle School Athlete Training Beyond MotionScientific studies indicate that properly performed strength training improves muscle strength and endurance, strengthens connective tissue and enhances motor skills in prepubescent youth.

These young athletes are in their formative years, which are ideal for creating a strong foundational base for their sport. These benefits reduce the risk of injury and it improves performance and confidence in the game and in life.

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High School Athletes

HighSchool Athlete Training Beyond MotionWhile the middle school years are the foundational years for development, high school athletes are in the progressive years. This is the time where athletes should rise above their competition. But they need the correct tools to do so.

Once we have established a foundational strength we begin to work on teaching the athlete how to be more powerful in every phase of the game. Strength, speed, flexibility and agility are all developed and refined for their specific sport. We know that each athlete has different needs and we will isolate the ones that need to be addressed.

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Division 1 Athlete Small Group Training Program

Division1 Small Group Athlete Training ProgramBEYOND MOTION’s D1-Athlete Program is designed for top Collier and Lee County athletes working towards a D1-athletic scholarship.

D1 is a multi-faceted approach to training that is specifically designed with seven key components to enhance your athletic performance level.

An athlete training in BEYOND MOTION’s D1-program will work on their strength, speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, power and stability. When these components are addressed progressively, they become innate characteristics of a D1-athlete.

As we tell all of our athletes, preparation is the key to success. You can’t just play the game, you have to train for it.

D1 is an exclusive program with a limited number of available slots. All interested applicants must apply to be considered for BEYOND MOTION’s D1 Athlete Program.

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Shane Marshall Beyond Motion Athlete testimonialBaseball has always been something I loved to play and have fun with it. I was never a “prodigy” or one of the best players on the field. Even coming into my freshman year I still didn’t believe the hype about me, and didn’t understand why so many people believed in me. I always told myself I was too weak and I just wanted to play for fun. As freshman year came to a close I realized this was something I wanted to take to the second step. Throughout high school season I kept hearing more and more about this Coach named Rick Lademann. So one day I approached some guys on the team that trained with him and heard nothing but positive things about him. So of course I had to tell my parents about this guy. When I told my mom about him she went straight on her phone and looked up Beyond Motion. The next day I was at the front desk paying for my first 12 sessions. To this day my parents say it was the best money they ever spent.

As I went through my sessions I noticed some quick changes in my game. My hand speed, my footwork, my leg strength, and mostly my arm strength, never felt this strong. So of course since I was getting so much stronger, my play on the field became eye opening to scouts.

I had no idea what I was doing, or how good I became until I got my first call from a D1 school. It was insane hearing how I could impact SEC and ACC schools.

I went from a scrawny little everyday travel ball and babe Ruth baseball player, to a top D1 program recruit. It has all happened from the decision from my parents made to send me to Beyond Motion. But I’m not done yet! I haven’t stopped yet. All I can think about now is that I want more, more, more, more. This man has put a new feature in my mind that I never knew. I’m not satisfied with what I have right now, I want to get bigger and stronger everyday. I want to be able to tell Pro scouts that Rick Lademann from Beyond Motion trained me to play and look like this. Not only do I want this for myself, but I love being at Beyond Motion with my team and want to lead them to another state appearance. I’m the only kid on the roster this year that has 2 years of varsity under their belt, and have gone through two strong and unbeatable teams. Another year another chapter. RTD!!

Thank you Coach Rick and the Team at Beyond Motion! – Shane Marshall



College Athletes

College Athlete Training ProgramCollege athletes are already in tune with their bodies. This is why the evaluation process is so important. We want to hear how they feel about their own performance. We take that information and combine it with our evaluation and we create a program that is specific to their needs.

This is an ideal time to work on the areas that they didn’t have time to fully address in college. It’s also a good time to correct faulty muscle patterns that may have developed over time due to the demands on their bodies. We make sure coaches see a difference the minute they return to school.

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Pro Athletes

Beyond Motion professional athlete training and developmentWe are the all-inclusive training facility you’ve been searching for. We offer individualized programs that we promise will address your body’s every need and its development.

Many of our pro-athletes choose us because of our full curriculum that we provide, such as strength training, Pilates, speed training and nervous system training to name a few.





We demand greatness from all levels of our athletes

We guarantee you will get the coaching you need to perform at the highest levels.

Call (239) 254-9300 to schedule your personal evaluation.

Middle School Training
5 Pack $350
High School Training
5 Pack $375
D1 Group Training
10 Pack $350
College Training
5 Pack College $400

Additional package options available, call us at (239) 254-9300 for more information.