For clients with injuries or special conditions, BEYONDMOTION‘s initial evaluation will lead to a customized post-rehab conditioning program that will focus on areas of the body specifically related to your injuries.

Our work has proven to be so effective that physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists have often turned to us to continue rehabilitative programs, or to strengthen or condition their patients.

We have found that the most efficient ways to recondition the body after sustaining an injury include Pilates, functional conditioning and soft tissue bodywork.

For many people with chronic pain, incorrect body usage can cause an increase in pain and can often be the cause of the pain itself. Our coaches apply specific detail and care to correct movement patterns and body usage and their work is often referred to as “corrective exercise.”

Individualized movement education offered at BEYONDMOTION is an essential component of rehabilitative work. We utilize sound principles of basic stabilization, including core muscle development, muscle balance and correct skeletal alignment as the foundation of the program.

Our coaches are trained in anatomy, biomechanics and safety. They have the ability to personalize the instruction according to the specific needs of each client, and facilitate the client’s return to efficient and effortless function in daily life. Although many people come to BEYONDMOTION with recovery in mind, most find as they progress out of the rehab stage that they want to continue their training and may far surpass their original level of fitness.

Communication with the referring doctor or therapist is also an essential part of ongoing rehabilitative work. Although we are not a provider and do not file insurance, some programs and companies will allow movement training, and clients can sometimes arrange reimbursement by providing specific records. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Let our team of professionals walk with you along the road to recovery and beyond.


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