Video On Demand

We know life can be hectic and that sometimes we need to have the flexibility to workout when it works vs when a class is scheduled. Our Video On Demand library is for those of you looking to work out from anywhere at anytime. You can purchase either a Video On Demand Day Pass OR a Video On Demand One-Week Pass.

Once you make your purchase you will have access to ALL of the videos in every category that we have loaded into our library at that time. New videos will be uploaded often so that new workouts are available on an ongoing basis.There is even a “Bonus Content” section with 15-30 minute workouts especially created for our library.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BEYOND MOTION® Video On Demand Library work?

If you are a new client at BEYOND MOTION® you will need to create an account in our Mind Body system. If you are an existing BEYOND MOTION® client log into your Mind Body account using a computer (vs the app on your phone or iPad)

Can I purchase either the One Day or One Week Video on Demand Pass thorough the BEYOND MOTION® app?

No. Unfortunately, the app stores created a HUGE sur-charge and made it a bit complicated at the beginning of the pandemic for people to purchase fitness related apps for services like this. To avoid complications and extra fees to our clients ALL of our VIDEO ON DEMAND services must be purchased through our website ( vs the BEYOND MOTION® app.

Once I purchase my Video on Demand Pass how long do I have access to the Video On Demand Library?

You will want to purchase your Video ON Demand passes when you’re ready to workout and not before. If you purchase the Video On Demand One Day Pass you will have 24 hours from your purchase time to do as many of the workouts you would like in that 24-hour period.

If you purchase the Video On Demand One Week Pass, you will have 1 week to do as many workouts from our Video On Demand Workout Library as you would like during that week.

What if I purchase a pass and forget to use it.

We are unable to extend the length of time for your purchase, so please make sure you are selecting the pass that works best of your lifestyle.

Will the videos take up memory on my computer?

All videos live on our database and will not be downloaded to your computer so they will not take up your memory or storage.

Once I purchase my Video On Demand pass can I use my phone, iPad and/or computer to play the videos?

Once you purchase your Video On Demand pass you can access the videos on the device of your choice.

Can I purchase more than one Video On Demand Day Pass at a time to keep on my account?

No. The Video On Demand Day Pass is good for 24 hours once purchased. The Video On Demand One Week pass is good for one week from the date of purchase. Please purchase the pass that works best for you at that time.

Due to Apple and Google restrictions, the Video-On-Demand day pass must be purchased through our website.

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