Summer Shred Challenge 

It’s such a great feeling to see so many positive comments about the Beyond Motion’s nutrition programs. Our plant-based challenges were HUGE successes. Now it’s time to take things a step further. 

The one question we get all the time is  “what should I eat…” to feel stronger, gain (or loose) weight and/or become healthier? Our advise always begins the same way, “What is your goal and how are you getting there?”.

This challenge was designed to take the guesswork out of your life. Each week is planned out for every meal and smoothie so the you’re eating 4-5 times a day. There are grocery lists, recipes, templates of what to eat, Q&A segments, Information about the protein powder and supplements to use each day, videos, and more. We took the guesswork out of everything. In addition to all of your food options, we also provide you with a fitness template so that you’re checking off your workouts each day.

Let us know you’re interested in registering and if more than one person in your household will be participating in the Summer Shred Challenge.

The person with the greatest change (most weight loss, total measurement lost, energy increase and visual physique) will win…
(Choose one) with Amy to be used once a week for three weeks. 

  • Three in-person Pilates sessions
  • Three Facetime Pilates
  • Three Nutrition sessions
Price: $400

Registration Dates: June 23rd – June 30th
Challenge Start Date: July 5th

Ready to Shred?   Click here