Client Testimonials

Baseball has always been something I loved to play and have fun with it. I was never a “prodigy” or one of the best players on the field. Even coming into my freshman year I still didn’t believe the hype about me, and didn’t understand why so many people believed in me. I always told myself I was too weak and I just wanted to play for fun. As freshman year came to a close I realized this was something I wanted to take to the second step. Throughout high school season I kept hearing more and more about this Coach named Rick Lademann. So one day I approached some guys on the team that trained with him and heard nothing but positive things about him. So of course I had to tell my parents about this guy. When I told my mom about him she went straight on her phone and looked up Beyond Motion. The next day I was at the front desk paying for my first 12 sessions. To this day my parents say it was the best money they ever spent. As I went through my sessions I noticed some quick changes in my game. My hand speed, my footwork, my leg strength, and mostly my arm strength, never felt this strong. So of course since I was getting so much stronger, my play on the field became eye opening to scouts. I had no idea what I was doing, or how good I became until I got my first call from a D1 school. It was insane hearing how I could impact SEC and ACC schools. I went from a scrawny little everyday travel ball and babe Ruth baseball player, to a top D1 program recruit. It has all happened from the decision from my parents made to send me to Beyond Motion. But I’m not done yet! I haven’t stopped yet. All I can think about now is that I want more, more, more, more. This man has put a new feature in my mind that I never knew. I’m not satisfied with what I have right now, I want to get bigger and stronger everyday. I want to be able to tell Pro scouts that Rick Lademann from Beyond Motion trained me to play and look like this. Not only do I want this for myself, but I love being at Beyond Motion with my team and want to lead them to another state appearance. I’m the only kid on the roster this year that has 2 years of varsity under their belt, and have gone through two strong and unbeatable teams. Another year another chapter. RTD!! Thank you Coach Rick and the Team at Beyond Motion!

Shane Marshall

We just wanted to say thank you to you Rick & Amy and your entire staff. Kate came into Beyond Motion in November and after an evaluation, Rick came up with a goal for Kate in terms of improving her vertical and strength overall and because of your staff who personally have worked with Kate for 6 months, she has met and exceeded all of her goals you all set for her. She can’t wait to see how all this transforms into her junior season of Volleyball in high school but more importantly, you and your coaches have transformed Kate into a girl who just has so much more confidence in herself not only as an athlete but also as a person. Her journey is not over but we wanted to reach out at this point to say thank you as her 6 month journey comes to a close and your dedication to Kate was worth every penny!! Hope to see you all soon

Mike & Paulette 

As a Major League Baseball Player, I wanted the best professional to take me, and my game to the next level. Rick proved to be one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and hands-on strength trainers I had ever worked with. It was a pleasure working with Rick preparing for each baseball season. Now as a retired MLB player, I continue to train with the BEYOND MOTION® team to maintain my fitness level.

Chris Resop, Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates

Hello Rick and Amy… happy Tuesday I am so thankful we found Beyond Motion and Lilly absolutely loves coming to train. I get excited every time she gets in the car and talks about how much fun she has with your staff. She instantly felt like she was part of the Beyond Motion family from her very first session. So thank you for your help in getting her stronger while instilling confidence in herself as well as her physical ability.

Cheryl W.

Karl loves going to Beyond Motion-it is great for him and he gets so much out of it. You guys are all such great role models and provide a great environment of health and wellness that will stay with him forever. Thank you for all you do.


I have really enjoy BEYOND MOTION®'s barre classes. They are a total body workout that leaves my muscles feeling tighter and stronger, yet overall more stretched and relaxed. It is a fast-paced hour that goes by quickly, and the workout is well worth my time. I always leave feeling 10x better than when I walked in!

Kari Bleggi

Amy, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for our chat on Saturday. I left feeling prepared, not overwhelmed. I’ve been putting my mask on first…and as simple as those eight words are, they were pretty impactful for me. For whatever reason, things don’t feel so “big”…for the first time…in a long time, this feels attainable & sustainable. I know helping people is your jam, but you really do have a way of creating a “safe space” free of judgement…and for me, that’s huge. Sincerely…thank you!


What an amazing facility as well as a kind , caring staff for athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts! Even though my time in Naples only allowed for one Pilates session with Amy, I have gained quite a few pointers to heighten my pilates practice. As odd as it may sound, it was also refreshing to meet a pilates instructor who incorporates other workout disciplines. If Beyond Motion branches out to having virtual clients to coach for bodybuilding/pilates , please keep me posted! Thanks again!

Kay R.   RD/LDN

When exploring the idea of pursuing a Pilates Teacher Certification I looked for a program that was focused on the fundamentals of Pilates. I wanted to learn the “right way”. Beyond Motion's program provided exactly what I was looking for. It was not only professional, organized and comprehensive, it was fun and extremely rewarding. I feel that it prepared me for teaching pilates with knowledge and confidence!

Jennifer S.

If you want to really enhance your personal Pilates practice, challenge yourself while also having a great time, and potentially open up an exciting career path, sign up for Amy Lademann's Pilates Teacher Training program at Beyond Motion. The program has been so rewarding for me, and I think anyone who is serious about Pilates will benefit from this immersive and engaging experience. Amy is an incredible instructor and coach, and every day of the training was interesting, challenging, rewarding and fun. My interest in Pilates teacher training goes back over twenty years -- but with no time and no appropriate place to pursue the best quality training, I let my practice and aspirations languish. Then I moved to Marco Island, discovered Beyond Motion (I know, it's a long drive, but worth it!), started taking Amy's Barre Motion class and eventually private Pilates sessions and group equipment classes. I rediscovered my love of Pilates, increased my cardiovascular activity level through Barre class, lost over 20 pounds, turned a health scare around and ultimately enrolled in the Pilates Teacher Training course. I feel better than I have felt in decades and wish I had found Amy and the Beyond Motion team years ago. Regardless of your ultimate ambition -- becoming a Pilates teacher or simply developing your own practice and knowledge -- don't put off your passion for Pilates, give yourself the gift of training from one of the best instructors in the business --- the Pilates Teacher Training program with Amy Lademann at Beyond Motion.


I think it has been 5 years in the making! I am restored, stronger, energised and a lot fitter thanks to Amy and Rick’s studio. They provide attentive, mindful and motivational classes with explanations and corrections without missing a beat. My kids who think of themselves as athletes unlike me, tap into their classes as often as they can under BM’s watchful and caring eyes.

Robina W.

I am a cardiovascular specialist and very demanding on who will be working with me or my close ones, I went to BM to have my two boys be evaluated and get trained to improve their physical stamina and learn how to train to avoid injuries in sports. The staff was very professional, physical structure neat and clean, and with a multitude of diverse equipments for different needs. Not your typical Gym, these people are real specialists on their field. Trainers are very helpful and a great attitude, they also showed to be very knowledgeable. Recommend Beyond motions for your personal physical training needs or those of your children or family.

Julian J Javier

This note is long over-due! I wanted to thank you and your incredible staff for the support they have given Brooke through back to back injuries. In April, the orthopedic surgeon pulled Brooke out of swim for a lower back issue for two and a half months. I came to you in desperation to keep her in shape, knowing she had to compete when she returned to the pool. I knew Beyond Motion had the expertise to work around her back issue to keep her strong as well as strengthening her lumbar. Our family made the commitment for consistent training, Brooke committed to hard work and dedication and the combination of training and Pilates with Beyond Motion exceeded our expectations. In July Brooke swam in her first meet after being out of the pool for almost three months. Coaches told her to have fun, but not to have any expectations. The consistent training and Pilates with Beyond Motion helped her defy the odds. She swam a Winter Junior National time and qualified for yet another championship meet. College coaches who knew that she had been out of the pool, were so impressed with her results, they began recruiting her immediately. In September, at the beginning of High School swim season and soon after her return to the pool, Brooke fractured her foot. You can only imagine how devastating that was to a senior in High School. My first call was to the orthopedist and my second call was to Beyond Motion. Brooke was able to remain in shape once again with adaptive training and Pilates from Beyond Motion. Brooke then swam in a National Championship meet with excellent results. The results speak for themselves… If you commit the time, hard work, and consistent training, Beyond Motion has the expertise to not only train healthy athletes, but those who have to work around injuries. In addition, to building strong bodies, I believe they build strong minds and are incredibly supportive of their athletes. Thank you to Beyond Motion, and to Shain (her primary trainer) who was her rock through these injuries. We are incredibly grateful for everything Shain and the Beyond Motion staff has done to help and encourage Brooke. Today she proudly announced her commitment to the LSU swim team. Brooke will continue training with Beyond Motion to help make her debut at LSU a success.

Dawn Boling

Hello Amy, Thank you so much for teaching a fabulous barre motion class and also supporting so many wonderful local charities! The consensus was that everyone loved the class and my friend Carrie and I are looking at the schedule to chose a class to do together. I hope you had a great weekend!

Kristy P

I started coming to Beyond Motion in 2013 because I was dealing with low back pain and wanted to find a way to correct the issue and remain strong and healthy. After working with Amy for several months whenever my back would flare up I found myself asking ; “what would Amy do?” And then I would start to arrange my posture, do a stretch or breathe. It always made a difference in taking away the aches or pains. I’m grateful for all Amy and her staff have taught me.


I would like to thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I met you 4 years ago, and my life has changed for the better ever since. I got hooked on Pilates and your nutritional support program, which both have made a huge difference in our families lives.

Charla Press, Naples, FL

Thank you for understanding my passion for running marathons, and going above and beyond to help me with my training.

 Jamie DePaola

I absolutely love going to the Barre Motion class with Amy! It has been a while since I've found an exercise class that I like. Amy is so welcoming and it is one of the highlights of my week!


I’m looking forward to an amazing football season and know I’m stronger, faster, leaner and better prepared because of my training at BEYOND MOTION®.

Drew Tomaini, John Hopkins University Quarterback

Always changing and challenging, Pilates equipment and various classes have improved my body and spirit in spite of the years! Thank you for being part of my life. Love you


I have really enjoyed the new floor barre class. It is a total body workout that leaves my muscles feeling tighter and stronger but I also feel overall more stretched and relaxed.

Kari Bleggi

Rick -your program has put me right where I need to be physically. I am performing at a different level than I was.

Collin Cowgill, Los Angeles Angels

I would highly recommend the Beyond Motion Studio to anyone wanting to get fit in a healthy, energetic and safe manner.

Maureen B

Took at Barre class for the first time at @Beyond_Motion Kicked my butt! Loved it!

LeAnn Rimes via Twitter, Nashville, TN

I feel GREAT!!! I've lost a total of 20lbs since I started working with you, which is unbelievable because that was less than 2 months ago.

Anna R, Atlanta, GA

I really can't say enough about Beyond Motion, the staff, the results I'm seeing and the fun I'm having.


Beyond Motion is maybe the best studio I've had the pleasure of working out at. AND, Amy you are a gifted and really talented instructor! I know I’m spoiled rotten from my time with you, and other studios I have been taking classes from, just do not compare.

Jennifer J

Thank you so much for your dedication to the student athletes that come through your doors. My daughter, Maddy, loves her time at Beyond. Best part of her week!

Andrea Polanco

Excellent, knowledgeable staff terrific with conditioning and rehab. Had two knee replacements and with Rick and his staff, has me in better shape then I ever imagined I was capable of. Highly recommended

Richard Kennedy