Functional Training for Baseball

Using a Keiser Functional Trainer in our baseball training program we are able to create a low to high chopping pattern that not only helps create strength, but gives feedback on the force of the movement as well. All athletes will benefit from the training...

Bent Over Row

Learning proper technique on a bent over row, a great scapular retraction exercise, as well as great for building mass on an athlete.

Romanian Deadlift

In this personal training video, our high school athlete is learning how to do the correct technique on the RDL – Romanian Deadlift at BEYOND MOTION® in Naples, Florida. Learn about our comprehensive athlete development programs at BEYOND MOTION®.

Hang Clean Combo

A Hang Clean Combo is a great way to work on propulsion while also building capacity. It isolates the components that helps us build explosive athletes.

Squat Preparation

Pre-squat mobility preparation exercises that are a part of BEYOND MOTION®’s athlete performance and training programs.