It’s time for another no gym, no problem workout. As part of the fitness series I have been taking Sherry from GirlTalkTV through, this one is all about one “simple” lower body series to hit those tush and thigh trouble spots. Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, balance, and coordination; or just want something to add to your routine that will shrink your tush and thighs, this “sneaky” move will leave your heart racing, legs burning, and body wanting MORE!

So why does this move target so many of your trouble spots?

The Side Lunge is also a unique lower body exercise because it works not only the quadriceps (thighs) but also targets the inner and outer thighs, hips, glutes and indirectly works your calf muscles as well. By adding the lateral (or side) leg lift you target the outer hip and thigh muscles all the way up to the “beloved” muffin top area. This single exercise utilizes multiple muscle groups and offers numerous benefits. They are easy to do, but proper form is essential to injury prevention. The term lateral implies movement away from the midline of the body. If done while standing, your leg moves outward shifting your balance to your stationary leg. The final piece to this move (before returning to your starting point) is your curtsy lunge. The curtsy lunge hits your glute medius—one of your glute muscles that helps pull your legs away from the midline of your body—and also strengthens your abductors and adductors.
Now that you know what this power packed exercise can do for you, try it between 5-10 times on each leg keeping your hands at your hips. Once you have perfected that move, add the arm variation provided for an additional boost of power.


Oh and after your first week, let us know how you’re doing….