Professional Athlete Training – Complex (Muscle Snatch Variation)

The video is an example of one of our baseball athletes going through a work capacity/strength phase of training. It ensures that all Beyond Motion Athletes understand hip extension and are physically prepared for more of an external load as they progress.

The male athlete has to be able to do 40% of their body weight before any further progression can take place in their training program.

Through the refinement of the movements we can also pinpoint weaknesses in the athlete that become more visible after their initial evaluation.

During the Romanian Dead Lift you can see with this particular athlete is over developed in his lumbar region and hyper mobile in his thoracic. A trait many baseball players have developed over time. In this particular case we make sure his Glutes are always firing correctly so the pressure is distributed correctly.

You can see in his squat that the athlete has no issue recruiting that area. We make sure the squat begins with a posterior tilt so the glutes remain dominant.

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