“The event “Connect for the Cause” is near and dear to our hearts. Our family, like many others, has been touched by ovarian cancer more than once. Rick’s mother Diane and Diane’s sister Nancy have both battled this disease, and our family knows first hand how important education, support and resources are. With symptoms going unnoticed or misdiagnosed, it is very important that women and their families know what to look for, what tests are available, and what to ask their doctors. They need to know that they have a support system and that people care.”   (read their stories below)

In order to help raise awareness BEYOND MOTION® will sponsor “Connect for the Cause” a pickleball tournament for all of Collier and Lee County on Saturday, June 13th at Veterans Park Tennis Courts. In addition to awesome pickleball games we will have amazing raffle prizes from local area business, restaurants, jewelers, and more. Join us on facebook to see all the prizes you can win! Connect for Cause_handout












Diane’s Story
diane lademannI was diagnosed in Dec. of 2008 with Stage 3C serous ovarian cancer having no previous symptoms. Since my sister, Nancy, was diagnosed at the age of 46 I was getting a CA125 blood test and ultrasounds on a yearly basis since her diagnosis. It was during that time that my blood test in 2008 was high and something could be seen on the ultrasound.

As of May 2015 I have gone through four rounds of treatment, (6 treatments per round) and have an estimated year of freedom in between rounds. I seem to tolerate the treatments pretty well but credit this with accompanying the treatments with acupuncture, “kinda” healthy eating; and, up until a little over a year ago, regular exercise.

Your world is turned upside down with the initial diagnosis. It’s on your mind day and night. But, in time, you learn to live with your “new normal” and just be so darn thankful for the phenomenal support given by your family and friends.

Not a day goes by that I’m not fully aware of all the beauty that surrounds me; and what a huge source of inspiration and help my sister, Nancy, has given me. I can see first-hand a 20 year survivor of ovarian cancer.

Nancy’s Story

I was diagnosed November, 1996, Stage IV Ovarian Cancer.IMG_4009

Initial symptoms were very vague in the early Spring. Just not feeling well, indigestion, gerd like symptoms. Then I started to get pain on my right side that radiated to my shoulder. They initially thought it was a gall bladder problem. After multiple tests and CT scans they could not determine the problem. Since my cancer was under 2cm it was never detected on a CT Scan, and nobody ever ran a CA125. My gynecologist discovered a cyst on my ovary through an ultrasound but after being reviewed by an oncologist, it did not look suspicious. Still no CA125 was run.

At this point, kids were off to college in the fall and we decided in Oct. to pick them up for a weekend away. While we were out walking I couldn’t catch my breath. Went back to the Dr. and found fluid on my lung. When it was drained they found carcinoma cells and sent me for a upper body CT scan thinking it was probably breast related. All negative. So now they look at that cyst again and this is now November. Thank goodness my gynecologist brought an oncologist into the surgery with him, because the cancer had spread throughout my abdomen and was staged at IV. CA 125 was run right before surgery and was over 300. The oncologist never revealed the stage to me until much later. When I asked he just said “right in the middle” and “don’t worry about that now”. I probably would have given up right then if I knew it was a Stage IV Cancer.

One important lesson I have learned is you need to be your own Medical Advocate. ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION. If you don’t like something or have questions, always feel free to ASK those questions. If you are not getting satisfaction and complete explanations from your Dr., Change Doctors. Second Opinions, Research and Experimental Trials was my life from 1996 to 2001.By the grace of God and lots and lots of prayers I have been cancer free since 2001.


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