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Our last blog talked about the benefits of the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge and what the possibilities are for you, as you take 1 month to explore what IS actually possible in terms of developing vitality, health, and wellness. Well rather than me standing on a soap box promoting all of the amazing success stories and telling you that I KNOW you will feel better after your 30 (well actually it ends up being 33 days of lessons, tips, pointers, recored video calls, videos, hand outs, new friends, new foods, and more…) challenge I thought you would rather hear from some of our recent SF Grads… I am so so proud of everyone for going through their journey, and taking the time to truly explore what’s possible, when you stop dieting and start living!

So Join me and Carmen as we lead you through a journey of self discovery, education and fun!

Friends for more than 14 years working together again.

Friends for more than 14 years working together again.

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Hi Amy,

I thought I’d take a few minutes to put in to words how things have changed for me since doing the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge.  Here goes….

I decided to do Sexy Fit because I felt bloated and was slowly creeping up on the scale.  I had been diagnosed with Celiac disease a year prior and had taken to eating unhealthy gluten free food.  I was not sure of what to eat and wasn’t taking the time to prepare healthy meals for myself.  I had no energy – was taking naps and just didn’t feel great.  I was working out but not enough.  I was attracted to the Sexy Fit program because 1. I had confidence that if you recommended it it must be pretty good;   2.  I was hoping it would help me get on a program of healthy eating and of course and   3.  I needed to lose about 8 pounds.  

I followed the program “to a t” and enjoyed every bit of it – except for the first week when I had a headache for pretty much the whole time.  As I

Loving Life Post SexyFit Nutrition Challenge

Loving Life Post SexyFit Nutrition Challenge

mentioned before I was a HUGE coffee drinker and I am sure that the caffeine withdrawal contributed to the headache.  I felt a tremendous boost in energy from the get go.  I started to wonder if the health pack nutrients had speed in them!  I felt so much better getting up in the morning and taking in nutrition instead of loading my body with coffee.  As the time went on I tried the recommended recipes and found them very satisfactory and I have continued to eat the Sexy Fit way to this day.  I can’t imagine eating any differently.  I have found that when we go out with friends it isn’t difficult to eat healthy and I just don’t have the desire to eat the junk I used to eat.  I love vegetables and can’t get enough – they are all I really want.  I do eat chicken and fish but keep the “meat” portion of my meals pretty small.  NO MORE SUGAR CRAVINGS!  Hooray!  

I lost a good 10 – 11  pounds and am holding.  I lost inches in my waist, hips and thighs and actually do feel a little sexy!  I thought that at 58 I would just have dimply looking legs and abs but found that isn’t true.  I feel healthy, happy and strong – strength coming from the wonderful Barre Motion classes.  

One of these days I will go back and work on the “me” part of the program a little more…I mostly focused on the food part and definitely learned how to create healthy meals throughout the day – focusing on low glycemic carbs, healthy fats, good fiber and clean protein.  

Hopefully I won’t ever stop following the Sexy Fit lifestyle.  I can’t imagine I would.

Thanks for encouraging me to do the program – I feel like a new person (a much younger new person!)



Feeling fit & fabulous!

Feeling fit & fabulous!

My sexy fit journey started one year before I actually started the diet.  I walked into Beyond motion overworked and tired and started a new exercise regiment.  One of my dive buddies had strongly suggested that I try “Barre class”.  So I did YOURS. It took me one year before I realized it would take my body more than just a new exercise routine so “Sexy Fit” was the next step.  I lost about 12/15 pounds during the 30 day program. I have continued throughout the year and am down 35 pounds so far.  This has been an easy adjustment for me as I love fresh veggies and healthy food.  It’s how I was combining them that has made all the difference! I feel more energized and my mussels don’t hurt all the time and I sleep much better. 

As I continue on this journey I am now shopping for a new wardrobe 3 sizes smaller.  That makes me happy!  I now think twice when I am ordering out. For example…  In a week moment, I went to Publix for a  sub. While waiting in line, I noticed that they make a Mediterranean veggie wrap, it was fantastic.   A better choice. 

This program is slowly but surely changing my life. And I love it.

Thank you for everything.



Thanks Amy for reaching out.

I am on the road…just got back from Brasilia and left a day and half later for work in Pennsylvania.  Home for 5 days then off to Guatemala…..its been a very busy start to the year.  I have been trying to keep up with the videos managing to see them a few days late.  That said, I have been experiencing great results from the program…I feel entirely different, I have “learned” a completely different way to travel.  I had felt soooo bloated and stuck before I started with the program and now I feel entirely different from the inside out.  I literally feel like I deflated…so the inflammation has subsided.  The shakes have been great in the morning.  Salads have been the savior because I am eating with clients all the time for lunch.  All in all, it has been a great investment and I have seen good results.  My exercise routine is now what needs help as when I travel I have to get a good routine for the hotel room before and after the 12-14 hour work days.

I think I have lost about 3 inches all around and about 5lbs in the first 18 days of the program. 

Thanks again. 




Hi Amy, 

I’m doing well and feeling good.  Good energy and better sleep.   I lost 8-9 lbs over the month.  I didn’t eliminate coffee, just 

cut it down to 1 cup in the morning.  I just couldn’t do the headache thing for a week. I think the program is great.  For me, the reset week was the best.  Absolutely no decisions. Loved it.  I found the water consumption tough.  I couldn’t do it if I was still working.  I like the vitamin packs too.  Much easier than hauling bottles around.

I was pleased overall with the program.