It’s been way too long since I last wrote, so my apologies for not writing at least one blog a month. While it’s been a very busy summer, my wife and I always make time to go on trips to further educate ourselves, so our clients have the latest info. The specific conference we just attended was a supplementation conference provided by USANA Health Sciences.

USANA does a great job on touching on many health related issues, and how proper supplementation offers support for your system.  One specific aspect that grabbed my attention was related to the new studies on Vitamin D, and the positive effects it has on osteoarthritis. The TOSH institute in Salt Lake City has been linking Vitamin D deficiency to early onset arthritis. Many of us know that body weight, activity level, and athletic history play a role in early onset osteoarthritis. They also have found that a combination of both vitamin D and essential fatty acids may assist with current symptoms, and possibly delay the early onset stages of the disease.

For instance the most common knee injury we see is an Anterior cruciate ligament tear. They said that once the ACL tear occurs the knee automatically ages 30 years. Sure it still may be asymptomatic of any arthritis issues, but who can ignore a possibility to assist in offsetting them.

I know technology has come a long way, and while total knee replacements are very invasive they are also very successful. However, realize that a total knee replacement will only last an “X” number of years. Think of it as a pair of tires, they can only take so much wear and tear. So a knee replacement at 45 yrs old is not a good thing. That is why delaying the process and maintaining an asymptomatic joint is crucial for longevity and overall health.

As the TOSH institute furthers their studies I will keep you informed and let you know the latest findings. In the mean time I have been taking my daily Vitamin D along with essential fatty acids. This along with proper quad strength will hopefully aid my wheels, so that the good doc has no need to go that specific route anytime soon…

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Coach Rick