It’s week 3 and day #24 and I can’t believe how great I feel. As a nurse, and someone who has always struggled with her weight, I knew all the “methods”; South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, etc. If it’s out there, I’ve prob tried it. When I saw the email about the SFNC, I almost didn’t call you to inquire because I thought, it’ll be like every other effort and amount to nothing. I’m soooooo glad I tried one last time.


I always understood that refined white carbs weren’t a great thing, and that I needed more protein. I never knew much about essential fatty acids or supplements. This program has helped me put it all together with incredible results, at least to me.

I feel fantastic. The 5 day RESET was surprisingly easy since I was never hungry and noticed I was sleeping better almost right away. Seeing a 5+ pound weight loss at day 5 was awesome, but I just felt better every day, and that really kept me going. I had the tools I needed to travel and get thru the holidays and felt like I didn’t miss a thing (because I didn’t!). I remain unhungry, so it’s a lot easier to make good choices and I am cooking things I didn’t really know before and find I love most of them. I am sleeping better than I have in years (literally since 2008 and my cancer diagnosis), I’m not snoring and I wake up easily with lots of energy. My overall mood is so improved. After more than a year of trying to lose weight, and “depriving myself” to do so, but making no progress, I was taking it out on everyone, especially myself. Now, I feel like I’ve gone 180 degrees. It isn’t just the weight, it truly is about feeling better on so many planes. The weight loss almost feels like a nice side effect :)

Just wanted to take a minute to put it down on paper, thanks again for everything, it has and continues to be life altering.

Update- day #27. Between my barre classes and Pilates workouts at BEYOND MOTION®, and the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge I’m down 6” in 27 days.

Thanks again