About 2 years ago Rick and I received a call from the prestigious publishing company Human Kinetics about the possibility of creating a book that helped athletes understand the benefits of Pilates. We were told they were interviewing a few different people as authors & a few book concepts. They let us know that they would be back in touch with us soon. Within 3 days we heard back from Human Kinetics and they offered Rick and me the opportunity to create a book based on our philosophies of combining Pilates and Conditioning and so the journey began. 2 years of weeks writing, re-writing, testing, more testing of workout programs for people that may have never worked with us. Then came the photo shoot, and more re-writes. Let’s just say, while we love sharing our knowledge and helping people live their best life, it was a challenge to get everything just right. AND now, we are very excited to share Pilates & Conditioning for Athletes.

Here is the press release that has been shared on our behalf…. please help us spread the news. We are super excited and look forward to helping you do what you love to do even better. Thank you in advance for sharing this excited news.

Amy and Rick Lademann, Founders of BEYOND MOTION®, are excited to announce that their first book Pilates and Conditioning for Athletes, published by Human Kinetics, is now available at Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon.

As leaders in the worlds of Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, and Personal Training, Amy and Rick were contacted by Human Kinetics, the premier publisher of educational publications, to create a book that would help educate people by sharing their multi-dimensional approach to training.

Gain a competitive edge with Amy and Rick’s innovative training methods. This science based, multi-dimensional approach to athletic conditioning helps you build a strong foundation by infusing Pilates with athletic training, resulting in complete training programs that tap into BEYOND MOTION®’S seven pillars of training needed for success.

Follow detailed instructions for Pilates mat and traditional conditioning exercises along with 13 sport-specific workouts to strengthen your core, improve your posture, increase flexibility, correct muscle imbalances and improve athletic performance.

Books may be purchased through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and at BEYOND MOTION® at 11985 Tamiami Trail North Suite A Naples, FL 34110.

Published by Human Kinetics, the premier information provider to the physical activity field for students, instructors, professionals, coaches, and consumers worldwide.

For more details visit: https://us.humankinetics.com/products/pilates-and-conditioning-for- athletes Or visit: ahttps://www.amazon.com/Pilates-Conditioning-Athletes-Integrated- Performance

Books may be purchased through amazon, Barnes & Noble and at
BEYOND MOTION® at 11985 Tamiami Trail N., Naples, FL 34110 (239) 254-9300 go2beyondmotion.com

Contact: Amy Lademann (239) 254-9300 or amy@go2beyondmotion.com


our book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Human Kinetics.