Hi there,

I am not sure if we have met yet, but I am Finley, the newest Lademann family member and part of the BEYOND MOTION® team. I’m actually quite new to Naples, and still learning the ropes at BEYOND MOTION®. You see, I was born in Turks and Caicos and I have quite a story to share.  My siblings and I were rescued and brought to a place called Potcake Place http://www.potcakeplace.com so that we could be fed, cared for, loved, and so that they could help us find our forever homes. We are known as Potcake puppies, a breed that may be new to you.

Potcake is the name given to us dogs from the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands. It came about because the locals fed the caked remains of the cooking pot to us stray puppies. As generations have passed, Potcakes have evolved into a breed, and we are extremely smart, loyal and loving.

Potcakes are rescued from around the islands of the Turks & Caicos. We may be found by tourists while they are out exploring, or locals in their backyard, or while working on construction sites. Sometimes we need extra medical attention and lots of extra love.

I spotted my now parents (Rick & Amy) while they were on vacation this past August. You know they love to workout and coincidentally out of all the gyms on the island they chose to train at the one a few doors down from where I was. Every day for almost a week after his workout “dad” would come in to say hi to me and my sisters. “Mom” was busy entertaining my friends that were about 1/2 my size… and needed a little extra love. I saw the look in dads eyes and knew I was going to do whatever I had to in order to get them to take me home with them.

While I didn’t exactly go home with “mom and dad” at the end of their trip, apparently I was talked about quite a bit. You see my “sister” Zoe Jane wasn’t very accepting of many other puppies in her space, and my “parents” were worried that Zoe Jane wouldn’t want to have me as her brother. I on the other hand, knew I would win her over and that we would be the best of friends….. on top of that, there was a big concern of having me at work with them…but again I knew I would be a good boy, and do my very best to behave as well as I can… considering I am 4 months old.

My “mom” couldn’t stop thinking about bringing me home and spent a “zillion” hours going back and forth about what to do. Since both Zoe Jane and “dad” have birthdays at the end of August, “mom” planned my arrival as a surprise for them. Apparently, the Sunday I was scheduled to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale “mom” and “dad” were planning their day trying to figure out what to do. That’s when “mom” handed “dad” a HUGE lululemon bag filled with tissue paper. Around the handles was a paper scroll tied with a ribbon and a pouch attached.  “Mom” told “dad” that he needed to open the pouch before anything else… inside was my name tag… Apparently “dad’s” reaction was priceless as he teared up and said, he’s coming home? Really, he’s ours? When is he coming? yes he is ours “mom” said. Finley is arriving today at 2:30. The scroll was a sign with my name on it, and the bag was filled with new toys, a leash, and all of my new things to welcome me home.

Us Potcakes are super lucky that there are lots of volunteers that love bringing my friends with them on the plane from Turks and Caicos to the USA and Canada. I was super lucky that “mom” decided that I needed to be with them, and 2 days later I arrived into Fort Lauderdale airport.

My first meeting with my new family including Zoe Jane was a relatively smooth one. I took a nap on the way home from the airport and by the time we arrived to my new home, I was ready to explore. Zoe Jane showed me around our house and we had dinner together. That same night she showed me around the family business. She showed me  where she kept her favorite toys and comfy beds. I was so happy to have a new sister and love spending every minute with her… although, I think at times she gets a bit tired of me but that’s ok… I LOVE her already! And my parents, well I think my “dad” is the coolest person in the world. Don’t tell my “mom” but I think he’s my favorite human…

I’ve been a Lademann for about 3 weeks now and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this loving family. AND everyone at BEYOND MOTION® has been so super nice to me, always saying hi  and giving me love. Everyone says I’m growing really fast, but remember I am only 4 months old. I’m teething, tumbling, running around, and being a puppy. Oh and today I learned I can jump over the gate in my parents office to follow my “dad” down the hallway. That was a surprise to everyone and actually quite fun…. I’m sure I will try it again one day soon.

So, when we meet I will be as gentle and calm as possible, but please forgive my excitement if I get a bit overzealous. I’ll try to be the very best I can.

Think you need a Potcake in your life? Click here to see some of my friends or to donate to my old home. The volunteers that run the place are amazing people and need all the help they can hhttp://www.potcakeplace.com

Our first meeting

our first meeting at Potcake place in Turks & Caicos

waiting for my arrival

Zoe Jane and my first meeting

my ride home from the airport

my first time at BEYOND MOTION®

my place on the sofa

Sunday mornings are for lounging

me and Zoe Jane

2 peas in a pod












a little love from “dad”











my first Dr appointment in Naples






Zoe & I wore my mom out