Barre Motion creator Amy Lademann is a renowned fitness expert and wellness coach. Movement is her passion, and for two decades she has been helping clients reshape their bodies by coaching them in the Nia Technique, dance fitness, Pilates, yoga, functional training and nutrition.

Looking for a way to fuse her passion into heart-pumping, body-transforming workouts, she created the country’s premier cardio barre class, Barre Motion and launched her program at BEYOND MOTION® in 2011.  People from around the world come to BEYOND MOTION® specifically for Barre Motion classes because they are incredible workouts designed to help you achieve a beautiful, sculpted, healthy, body and a clear, focused mind.

What makes Barre Motion unique?

Barre Motion is a fun, high-energy, 60 minute class, choreographed to engage your entire body and mind. Each session incorporates the precision of Pilates, the mindfulness of yoga, the cardio and toning benefits of dance, and the strength of weight training. This total body conditioning technique is guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body, elevating not only your fitness level, but your energy and spirit as well.

Why are Barre Motion classes so effective?

The secret is based on scientific research of “how your body moves”, along with the custom-designed choreography taught in every barre class. Each segment builds on the last, and each class is unique. These amazing workouts are designed to help you enhance your body/mind connection so that you really focus on the muscles you are using. The result is a long, lean, strong, physique and a true mind/body connection.

Who should take Barre Motion?

Whether you are new to fitness, or looking to enhance your current regime, these cardio barre classes can benefit anyone at any level. From athletes to Pilates and yoga enthusiasts, everyone notices the amazing body transformations that Barre Motion classes offer. Barre Motion  is even safe for pregnant women, however a permission slip from one’s doctor is required.

Come discover the power of Barre Motion where your will Feel Your Strength, Find Your Grace and Embrace Your Power!


How do I purchase classes?
  • Class sizes are limited to ensure you have the space you need for you to have your best workout.
  • Pre-registration is required for all Barre Motion classes.
  • All Barre classes are part of the BEYOND MOTION® group fitness program. Classes may be purchased in packages of 5 or 10 classes. When you purchase a package, you may attend any class on the group fitness schedule.
  • Each package is valid 4 months from the date of purchase.
  • To book a class or purchase a package below click “Sign Up.” You can also, contact us for more info on our group fitness packages.

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