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Apply for High School Athlete Training

While the middle school years are the foundational years for development, high school athletes are in the progressive years. This is the time when athletes should rise above their competition. But they need the correct tools to do so.

BEYOND MOTION’s High School Athlete Training Program first establishes foundational strength and next begins to work on teaching the athlete how to be more powerful in every phase of the game. Strength, speed, flexibility and agility are all developed and refined for their specific sport. We know that each athlete has different needs and we will isolate the ones that need to be addressed.

Complete the high school athlete training program evaluation application below and we will contact you to schedule your evaluation. If you do not hear from us within 2 business days, please call us at 239-254-9300 to make sure we have received your information. Note: we will never sell your information. Read our privacy policy here.

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