Facetime Sessions

You can now train  with BEYOND MOTION® in the comfort of your home, a hotel, school, or wherever you may be at the moment.
To help you reach your Pilates, fitness and athletic performance goals we offer FaceTime (Skype or Zoom) sessions.
These 1 hour training sessions are customized based on your fitness level, the fitness and/or Pilates equipment you have available and your goals.


The best part? You’re never sweating alone. You’ll see us doing the same workout on the other side of the screen, as well as get the perks of your instructors in-the-moment, unscripted cueing. It’s as close as you can get to being at BEYOND MOTION® without actually having to drive to the studio. 
  • Continue to workout with BEYOND MOTION® even if you can’t come to our boutique training facility in Naples, FL
  • Get the same great workout from the comfort of your own home, hotel, or school
  • Stay on track with your fitness and training goals
  • Add FaceTime sessions to our daily Livestream classes for a comprehensive training schedule

Call 239-254-9300 or email us at info@go2byeondmotion.com to schedule your sessions. If you are new to BEYOND MOTION® your initial 30-minute consultation will take place prior to your training sessions starting. 


You don’t need much of anything to participate in a FaceTime Pilates or training session. During our initial 30 minute consultation we will ask you what equipment you have or what you would like to purchase. We are able to design your workout for you based on purely body weight and “props” you may have laying around your house, or we can design a workout for you based on a complete “gym” or Pilates equipment set up. Since everything is customized to your needs we are able to work with you in every way.


If you are looking to purchase equipment to use at home we have you covered. Not only do we have a partnership with Amazon to get you the best fitness and Pilates equipment options they have available, but we have also partnered with one of our professional fitness equipment companies to get you access to the fitness equipment that you may want to purchase for your home as well. During your initial 30 minute consultation we will discuss your goals and help you determine what fitness equipment would be best for you to purchase. Then you can use one of the links below to place your order.

These sessions can be adapted for any fitness level.  As always, we recommend consulting your medical professional prior to beginning any exercise program. 
Please remember that since we are creating custom programs for your specific needs and each session is live, your sessions are similar to what you would do at BEYOND MOTION®’s boutique training facility in Naples, FL.

Have friends and family you would like to workout with? Now is the time to share what you love!

This option is available globally.

That was a lot of fun this morning and so uplifting to see all our Naples friends. Thanks for providing this for us. Hopefully this will be over soon.Take care Nancy xo Amy! thanks, Barre Motion was so fun on ZOOM today! I feel great, as always, after Barre...and it was so good to see you and Farida and hear your voice...see you Thursday! Brianne B Hey Amy! Great class STRENGTH today and thank you so much for having these zoom class times!

Martha G

Thank you so much Amy for providing virtual classes through Zoom. I was saddened to leave Naples for home during this pandemic. The classes are just as challenging as if I was in the studio. It also is very uplifting to see all my Beyond Motion friends again. Even though I am on Cape Cod I feel connected until we are all together again😍 Thanks again

Nancy D

Hi Amy, Brilliant barre class this morning...thanks as always. Love being able to get together with you and everyone else at the virtual Beyond Motion studio!


Thank you!!! Livestream Strength class was a mix of awesome and brutal. I would have never done all that work on my own. Thanks so much. See you Friday. :) My best,


Love, love, love the zoom classes! Seeing Amy's face and getting my blood pumping first thing in the morning is the perfect way to start my day!

Nancy O

That was awesome Amy, loved the new ReGen Livestream class!


Hi Amy First of all, thank you to you and Rick for being so adaptable and creative. For me, having the classes at a certain time and day of the week helps so much as far as removing the need for me to try and get motivated on my own. Also it helps to have a tool to help provide structure in my day during this time. I hate to say I’ve gotten into a new normal. I think the livestream classes are challenging for sure and well done. I always feel great after. You are giving good instruction, so that when I do lose the picture, I still sort of know what to do. I would continue to attend virtual class when I am gone in the summer and other times. So I’m so glad this will continue. Again, I’m very grateful this is available to us. Thank you, thank you! Best


Your LiveStream Fitness classes have saved me. They have given me a reason to get out of bed each day. Having moved from Naples 7 years ago, it’s been the silver lining to reconnect with Beyond Motion. My fitness was always best when I was coming to Beyond Motion a few times a week for Pilates and Strength Classes.

Amy R

Thank you! STRENGTH class on Zoom was awesome I'm sure I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow when I can't walk.

Deb K

Wibs STRENGTH class on Zoom this am was great. I hate/love strength training with him. Seriously, got my heart rate up and challenged me. All good!

Christin P

Beyond Motion Zoom Strength classes are the anchor to my fitness routine. In this time of uncertainty, knowing that I can “zoom" in at 10am on Mondays & Wednesdays to see Wibs and Amy has really given me peace of mind (and a great workout)!

Daryl S 

HI Amy, I’m really enjoying the ReGen classes! These are the perfect exercises for me!!

Diana D

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