The most recent full moon seemed to have had quite an impact on my mood and energy. While I can’t fully explain why this full moon was so different than all of the other full moons when I don’t sleep well and curse the bright shiny ball while closing our bedroom blinds at night, this last go round threw me for a loop. I needed to do something to shake things up and “clear” not only my head but our house too. So, it was time to pull out my sage and crystals.

Amy's energy kit...

Amy’s favorite crystals, reminders and sage


Ok, I know by now I lost some of you, but hear me out. We all of things that we keep around as reminders. Seashells or stones from a the beach, coins from a far away location, or even pieces of jewelry we inherited from a loved one. Each piece is a reminder of a time and place and brings about feelings that you treasure, or why would you keep them? For me crystals and stones are a direct piece of the earth. Each stone is used to represent something specific and assists in moving me towards my goal. This time, I used my crystals to “clear”  the energy of our home so things felt lighter and brighter. But what is smudging or saging all about and how does it really help “clear energy”?


Burning sage or smudging has been around for a very long time and has roots in the Native American tradition, but has grown in popularity over past decade. It is a very common ritual around the world for many cultures, known to cleanse or heal a person or space, and is used as a spiritual detoxifier when burned. The smoke from dried sage actually changes the composition of the air, in turn reducing our stress response. Even if you aren’t dealing with any negative feelings in your home or office, burning sage can help maintain a happy and peaceful space and assist in elevating your moody and creativity. Some research supports certain health benefits of sage, such as antimicrobial properties and enhanced alertness, but more research is needed.   Intention is everything with this ritual, so before you light up, ask yourself what you’re trying to purify, and/or heal from or release—inside you or in your space. You want to set that as your intention.

Scientists have observed that sage can clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space and disinfect the air. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood.  Sage variety matters less. White sage is preferable but any sage wand (sage wrapped by twine in a bundle to make a stick) will do. It’s really about intention. You can order them online through amazon and I have even bought small bunches of sage at Whole Foods.

The best time to smudge…is whenever you feel like your intuition is telling you to. I have saged every time we have moved or had someone working in our home or at BEYOND MOTION®. I sage near the full moon and whenever things feel a bit too heavy and need a good “cleaning”.

I prefer using thick bunches of sage that I cut off into tiny pieces to burn in my abolone shell. I light the pieces in the shell until it creates a steady stream of smoke. As I mentioned before saging is about setting your intention, so I actually begin with repeating a statement or “mantra” to myself as I sage myself first. Then I begin by opening windows and doors and start from the front door and work my way through our house. (Or again at our facility). I allow the smoke to filter behind doors, corners of the rooms, under and over furniture…heck I even sage our phones and every other electronic device I can get my hands on. (Yes, I have saged both Rick and Zoe Jane) as well as everything and everyone in my path gets cleansed. When I am done I let the sage burn out and rinse my saging shell out.

So the full moon has passed, our house has been saged and things feel lighter and more energized. It’s a great reminder of the importance of setting our intentions and how heavy or negative energy can really pull us down, make us tired and feel unsettled. If you’re new to saging and interested in learning more, one of my favorite websites is they are a great resource and have some fun things to shop for as well.

Oh…and in case you’re ever playing trivial pursuit and it comes up, the Latin word for sage is salvia and stems form the word heal… so maybe it can help “heal” our homes.