Many professional athletes rely on BEYOND MOTION®’s co-founder Rick Lademann and his coaching team for their off-season training. Training at BEYOND MOTION® allows them to be  coached on strength, speed, and Pilates to enhance their overall performance. White Sox pitcher Chris Sale is one athlete that has worked with Coach Rick for years and it shows.


Every athlete coming to BEYOND MOTION® for training undergoes an extensive initial evaluation prior to starting their training sessions, allowing Coach Rick to identify exactly what is happening with them, their strengths and weaknesses. Once all areas are identified a custom program is created to assist that athlete in turning their weaknesses into their strength.


This year Chris Sale’s “offseason workouts under the supervision of Rick Lademann at Beyond Motion in Naples, Fla., started two weeks earlier than usual so Sale could get a better base, and he’s been going Monday through Saturday since the start of 2015. Sale began throwing around Jan. 1 with long toss for a week or two, and the plan is to get off the mound beginning Feb. 1 and have four or five bullpens before he reports for Spring Training on Feb. 20.”  – see the full article from below.