We love hearing our clients stories about their awesome transformations, lessons learned, and what our SexyFit Nutrition Challenge has done to change their bodies, wellbeing, and lives! Thank you Jane for sharing your story. I know you will inspire many others as well :)
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I am so happy I decided to join Sexy Fit and that I have decided to make this my lifestyle.I have lost 6.2 pounds as of this past Monday and my clothes are definitely fitting better. Going into this there was a lot that I already knew about eating healthy foods,but in my move to Florida almost 4 years ago I found myself not always eating the right food. I got caught up in the “retirement lifestyle and eating out way too much” As my husband says every day is Saturday and you are not in a routine like you used to be when you were working.
As I started to think about how my life had changed I realized that the positive side was that I was getting more exercise and being able to be outside almost all the time. Having extra weight on does not allow you to be at your best when exercising and wearing sleeveless tops and shorts is a lot better when you are not holding on to extra weight.
I found the changes that I have been making to be easy. I love the shakes. I tend to bring the bars with me wherever I go, but have been also making low glycemic snacks when I am not on the go. Making dinner for my husband and I has been easy. One of my big things that has helped me this week is making my salads, usually for lunch ahead of time often salads with veggies and protein and store them in Glad containers.
Thanks so much for your support and help, Amy.