I’ve found a new “addiction”thank you to our friend David. And while I have been an avid hot-tea drinker for years, hibiscus tea is a newer one for me. I have to admit that not only do I love the flavor, but I feel great too. After doing a bit of research and comparing the hibiscus tea to some of my favorite standbys (white & green teas) here are a few things I discovered.
In Africa and Asia, hibiscus has been used for the treatment of high blood pressure for a long time.
Recent research confirms that consuming hibiscus tea 3x a day can help you regulate your blood pressure.
Both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine use hibiscus to treat various liver problems. The way hibiscus helps keep the liver clean is that the antioxidants it is rich in, destroy free radicals before they incur permanent damage to your cells and organs.
Hibiscus is one of the plants known for its cancer-destroying properties because it contains powerful antioxidants. It’s also rich in protocatechuic acid which slows down the growth of or kills, cancer cells by encouraging the so-called “programmed cell death.”
Hibiscus tea contains natural compounds which inhibit absorption of carbohydrates and starch, and thus prevent you from gaining weight.
It’s rich in vitamin C, which both activates and protects your immune system. Drinking hibiscus tea during the flu season could spare you from catching a cold and flu.
Hibiscus plant is rich in flavonoids which are known to have antidepressant properties.
Oh and did I mention it’s sweet, smells amazing, stops my carb cravings and tastes great both hot and cold. (Love that!)
Just be aware of the brand and type of tea you’re buying. Try to purchase an organic version if possible, or at least the highest quality tea you can find. The actual loose dried tea is great too. Here’s a pic of my favorite tea tumbler from Sacred Lotus Love and one of my go-to tea brands that I buy at Whole Foods. The tumbler is stainless steel inside and bamboo outside, so while the tea stays hot the bottle isn’t hot…AND when I want to have the tea cold, the same tumbler keeps it super cold too.. Love that!  #hibiscustea #sacredlotuslove #Ayurevda #teatime #antioxidants #livingwell #cleaneating #teatumbler #wholefoods #bodybuilding #naturalathlete #tea