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Head Strength & Conditioning CoachHead Strength & Conditioning Coach

Wibs was an avid athlete as a child, with a passion for basketball and football. His love of the game led him into the gym, where he learned that hard work in the gym would pay off in his performance both on the field and on the court.

Looking to develop a career in the field he loved, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science, with a minor in chemistry from Florida State University. And as you can guess, his favorite classes were anatomy and physiology, as well as exercise physiology.

Wibs became a certified personal trainer, as well as a certified strength and conditioning coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association while still attending FSU. For the last several years his clients’ fitness needs have spanned the full spectrum of exercise programs and strength training.

He has trained MLB, NFL, college, high school, and middle school athletes looking to improve their athletic performance on the field. He has also worked with a broad spectrum of people with varying goals such as fat loss, muscle gain and increasing strength, flexibility and balance. He enjoys making each program unique and challenging to keep his clients on their toes.



“I look forward to walking into work each day with the challenge of pushing my clients into an uncomfortable zone, and get them to be comfortable in that state. I’ve found this is the best way for me to help them achieve their goals.”