B.S. Exercise Science, Colorado State University


Certifications Include:

National Strength & Conditioning Association CSCS®

USA Weightlifting

International Sports Sciences Association

Wilderness First Responder


Even as a kid first learning about the intricacies of sports, Rick Lademann knew then that if he wanted his body to perform at its highest level, he needed to treat it like a machine.

Bodies need the right fuel. The right amount of movement. And enough personal care to foster it into something spectacular.

Little did Rick know that this information would be enough to propel him into a lifelong career focused on the importance of strength, speed and the conditioning of athletes.

Sports, exercise and nutrition was what helped Rick lose weight as a child. He grew up admiring everything about the sports environment – from preparing for the games and to being part of a team.

Learning how to create a powerful body became Rick’s passion and that passion was fueled by legendary Hall of Fame Strength Coach Al Vermeil – the only strength coach to have World Championship rings from both the NBA and the NFL. While in his 20s, Rick began working for Vermeil and he learned quickly that there was a science and an art behind how the body becomes bigger, faster and stronger.

Rick worked with Vermeil and the World Champion Chicago Bulls and, after that, he headed to Colorado Springs where he worked at the United States Olympic Training Center under the care of former Romanian Olympic weightlifter Dragomir Cioroslan for USA Weightlifting. Rick lived on the campus for two years and then expanded his career even further when he went to the U.S. Air Force Academy, also in Colorado, to assist the strength coaches with its powerful football team. During this time, he also juggled work with the USA Figure Skating team at the Colorado Springs World Arena.

Rick also spent time in Denver working with internationally recognized orthopedic surgeons at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic as the strength and conditioning consultant. It was at the clinic where Rick handled post physical therapy on athletes and this introduced him to many members of the Colorado Rockies. This opportunity led to yet another great honor for Rick as he became the primary performance coach for famed baseball player Larry Walker, the only Rockies player to ever win the National League MVP award. Even famed sportswriter Ken Rosenthal noticed a change in Walker’s performance after Rick began his work, stating that the program Rick created made such a difference in Walker’s performance that it was evident from the start of spring training.

Rick’s resume lured many colleges and universities his way, each hoping to recruit him because of his impressive background in human performance. Rick ended up accepting a coaching position for strength and conditioning at the University of California Berkley where he was instrumental in helping the Cal rugby team win a national championship in 2003. In addition to rugby, Rick also served as the strength coach for the men’s and women’s tennis, baseball and basketball teams.

With more than 18 years of performance enhancement experience, Rick felt motivated to create his own facility with his wife, Amy, where they could both work with and encourage others to challenge themselves and sculpt their bodies the best ways possible.

BEYOND MOTION®, which opened in 2009 in Naples Florida, bridges the gap between athletic performance, mind and body fitness, nutrition and balanced living. Rick, Amy and their dedicated team stress the importance of cultivating true health through passion and vitality.

At BEYOND MOTION®, Rick has worked with an array of clients, from aspiring athletic teenagers to prominent athletes who travel to Naples specifically to train at this facility. He is known as the “Coaches Coach” and works with each of BEYOND MOTION®’s personal trainers and coaches to help them elevate their education and knowledge to the next level.

Rick’s goal is the same as it has been through his entire career – to provide athletes with the clarity and the right tools they need to achieve their goals.

“I have worked with all the top professionals in the world and Rick’s ability to evaluate athletes and develop programs is parallel with all of them. He understands that every athlete is unique and creates individual programs that fit all of their specific needs. I highly recommend BEYOND MOTION® to any individual that is attempting to take their training to the next level.” – Al Vermeil







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