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Growing up in a small village in Germany, Anja [Anya] attended a holistically influenced school founded by one of the ‘fathers of gymnastics – Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuth’. Throughout the school, one could find educational quotes, amplifying the need to attain a healthy body in order to maintain a healthy mind. These quotes, along with her parents influence, would help lead Anja’s lifelong passion and desire to strive for healthy living for herself and others.

It was this passion and desire, which helped her to excel in her professional pursuits in Germany and here in the U.S. She graduated ‘magna cum laude’ with her B.A. in Community Health and A.A in Therapeutic Recreation. Strongly believing in the healing properties of therapeutic touch, she decided to pursuit a degree in Massage Therapy and received the title ‘valedictorian’ from Florida Academy of Massage in Fort Myers in 2011.

Anja believes that our body and mind are constantly seeking balance for better function. In order to facilitate this process, she blends various forms of massage styles and techniques, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point as well as Myofascial Release to provide the most effective treatment possible. Facilitating the healing of body and mind of her clients is her biggest reward.

Being an avid believer in lifelong education, Anja is currently working on her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers. Being a Doctoral student of Physical Therapy gives her a unique perspective and insight into, not only anatomy and physiology of the human body, but furthermore into other scientifically based practices and available techniques.

During her studies, Anja has developed a strong interest in Women’s Health issues, such as Lymphedema. Besides her Doctoral studies, she is furthermore working on becoming a Certified Lymphedema Therapist at the renowned Foeldi School for Lymphatic Studies in Freiburg/Germany.

Wellness and health have always played an important role in Anja’s life. She is a strong believer in prevention, healthy eating and puts great emphasis on being active. Besides just having been introduced to the exciting world of road biking, she likes hiking as well as cooking. However, she also enjoys spending time creating art, such as paintings and ceramics.

Anja is very compassionate about helping others to live healthier lives.

“Massage is an art. It is a compassionate, skillful touch that transforms lives” – Anja Rottig


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