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About Beyond Motion

BEYOND MOTION began in 2007 and opened in North Naples in 2009, introducing Southwest Florida to a place where exercise is not just about taking a quick class and dashing out the door.

For owners Amy and Rick, exercise is part of a lifestyle that they are very grateful to have and, together, they work relentlessly to encourage others to begin a healthy journey as well. They both know that health and fitness not only allows a person to perform better, but one can live and feel better, too.

And that’s what they want for their clients –
to live the best life possible.

BEYOND MOTION encourages its clients to go beyond the motion of daily life and work on both the mind and the body to cultivate one’s best self. From personal training and athlete performance,  to Pilates and nutrition, as well as massage therapy, BEYOND MOTION offers essentially every tool needed for someone to achieve their personal goals.

It’s created for those who want to avoid the big box gyms, overcrowded classes, and undereducated instructors. At BEYOND MOTION, each staff member undergoes a rigorous interview process, to make sure they have the proper education and credentials to make the cut. The team includes certified personal trainers, massage therapists, Pilates and barre instructors – all with impressive training backgrounds who share Amy and Rick’s innate passion for wellness.

Inside BEYOND MOTION, you will find state-of-the-art conditioning and Pilates equipment that the team uses along with scientifically-based programs designed to achieve maximum results. The team is constantly assessing and working to make sure BEYOND MOTION offers the latest programs and development in every field offered. From athletic conditioning to Pilates to nutrition coaching and post-physical therapy, clients can expect nothing but the best.

Amy and Rick are not only proud of their team, but they are proud of their clients as well.  Their customers are typically people searching for an intimate atmosphere where they not only hope to develop better fitness, but where they also can feel a sense of community when they walk through the doors. They are hungry for science-based fitness with instructors who know what they’re talking about, and who can guarantee positive results.

People from across the globe train at BEYOND MOTION and they all share the same aspiration of wanting to make a lifelong change in their overall health and fitness. And the BEYOND MOTION team is honored to guide them along the way, inspiring each and every person to achieve optimal health and happiness. Amy and Rick have said they have a common goal:

“Our goal is to make sure that each person coming into our facility knows they have a team of professionals available to help them not only reach, but surpass their goals.”

There’s no better time than now to start your own journey to wellness.

Call us at (239) 254-9300 or visit the studio at 11985 Tamiami Trail N. Naples, FL 34110.

And you, too, can be part of our community.