I’ve been teaching fitness for more than twenty years and Pilates for about 15, and no matter what part of the country I’ve taught in the most commonly asked question is “how do I create a 6 pack?”   While there are tons of awesome ab exercises, (and part of creating a “6 pack may be related to your eating habits) I want to take you through some basic moves, done in not such a basic way. Join me as I show Sherry from GirlTalkTV (girltalktv.com) some of my favorite tips and tricks on strengthening your core, eliminating neck pain, and creating those infamous 6 pack abs.

For the 3 exercises you’ll be doing today, you’ll need a soft playground ball about 10” in diameter.  We are going to kick off your routine by starting with a basic crunch otherwise known as an “ab curl”. Then you’ll move onto your obliques with your “c curl and twist”. Start with the basic option by keeping your feet on the floor and then move onto the advanced move by adding the leg lift. From there you’ll add in another one of my favorite Pilates ab exercises the “single leg stretch”.

Ready for a 6 pack?


While these are simple moves to get you started, they are definitely not easy. Make sure to coordinate your breath with your movement, so your moves are fluid and not rigid.  Remember if you’re feeling neck pain, make sure that your chin is slightly tucked and that your looking towards your knees or thighs vs the ceiling.

Try these moves 3 times a week for a month and let me know if you’re noticing any changes….

Be well,