This year we are supporting the JFCS with gifts for Hanukkah & Christmas

 2018 GIVING TREE recipient is…

Jewish Family Community Services (JFCS)


JFCS is a not-for-profit organization located in Naples that serves ALL religions and backgrounds in Collier County. The people receiving gifts for both Chanukah and Christmas this year are those that need our help. From 90-year-old Holocaust Survivors to families with young children, there are so many contributing members to our society that are unable to make ends meet


  • They have a beautiful senior activity center located in Castello Avenue (off of 41 near Outback and Snyderman’s) and for example on Wednesdays host a free luncheon for 150-200 seniors every week. 
  • The food pantry has a specially designed private entrance (so people do not need to go through the offices walking in/out carrying their food.)  For October alone they had over 600 people come through the food pantry. 
  • Seniors are a large part of their outreach, but often these grandparents are raising their very young grandchildren on extremely limited incomes and they are there to help.
  • For Thanksgiving … complete Publix turkey dinners are being delivered from JFCS to over 70 of their families in need. 
  • They also provide mental health services, case management and help with bills (rent, utilities) as needed. 

As you can see their outreach helps people from all ages and walks of life. 



Each gift tag on the tree has a # and a bit of information about the person and/or family that needs our help. It is completely up to you as to what you purchase, where your items come from, and how much you spend. We ask that you attach the gift card you selected from the tree to your gift. Please either place gifts in a gift bag, gift basket, or gift box. You can even use a clear storage box with a lid since many people will need a place to store items as well. (Amy has done this in the past and placed a large bow onto of the clear box with items wrapped in tissue paper inside the box.)

If you have selected to purchase a gift card, please place it in a gift card envelope or small gift bag, and again attach the gift tag from the GIVING TREE to the gift.

Some gifts are for Chanukah which begins sundown on December 2, 2018, and ends on December 10th, 2018 and others are for Christmas December 25, 2018.

In order to make sure there are a variety of gifts, we have duplicated the gift tags so that there may be more than one person/family purchasing gifts for the same family or person. You’re also more than welcome to partner up with one of your BEYOND MOTION® friends to create a larger gift bag/basket for one of the recipients. For full details of the recipients please stop by BEYOND MOTION® to select a tag off the GIVING TREE, or email us and we can email you a full list.

Thank you in advance from all of us at BEYOND MOTION®!