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Body Work

Beyond Motion wellness and body work massage physiotherapyMost everyone knows that massages can be rejuvenating, but what some might not realize is that it’s also a very vital part of the healthcare regimen. Frequent massage therapy has been proven to manage stress, decrease anxiety and improve sleeping patterns, which all, in turn, make our lives much easier.

And for avid athletes, massages can help you prepare for and even recover from strenuous workouts, as well as increase joint flexibility and reduce any spasms and cramping.

From releasing endorphins that work as the body’s natural painkiller to reducing post-surgery swelling and relaxing injured, tired or overused muscles, there are countless reasons why the benefits of massage therapy are so great.

And repeating this process is even better.

Getting regularly-scheduled massages can play a big part in your health year after year.

The massage styles we offer include deep tissue, sports and integrative massage therapy. We encourage you to consider massages as a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan, and work with your practitioner to establish a treatment schedule that best meet your needs.

Our amazing massage therapists, who are available by appointment only, will allow you to de-stress. Decompress. And relax.
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Your body works hard for you. It’s time to return the favor with a massage at BEYOND MOTION


Post-Rehab Conditioning

Post rehab conditioning physio & massage at Beyond Motion in Naples FloridaFor clients with injuries or special conditions, BEYOND MOTION’s initial evaluation will lead to a customized program that will focus on areas of the body specifically related to your injuries.

Our work has proven to be so effective that physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists have often turned to us to continue rehabilitative programs, or to strengthen or condition their patients.

We have found that the most efficient ways to recondition the body after sustaining an injury include Pilates, functional conditioning and soft tissue bodywork.

For many people with chronic pain, incorrect body usage can cause an increase in pain and can often be the cause of the pain itself. Our coaches apply specific detail and care to correct movement patterns and body usage and their work is often referred to as “corrective exercise.”

Individualized movement education offered at BEYOND MOTION is an essential component of rehabilitative work. We utilize sound principles of basic stabilization, including core muscle development, muscle balance and correct skeletal alignment as the foundation of the program.

Our coaches are trained in anatomy, biomechanics and safety. They have the ability to personalize the instruction according to the specific needs of each client, and facilitate the client’s return to efficient and effortless function in daily life.

Although many people come to BEYOND MOTION with recovery in mind, most find as they progress out of the rehab stage that they want to continue their training and may far surpass their original level of fitness.

Communication with the referring doctor or therapist is also an essential part of ongoing rehabilitative work. Although we are not a provider and do not file insurance, some programs and companies will allow movement training, and clients can sometimes arrange reimbursement by providing specific records. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Donna Hampton praises Beyond Motion Training“This is a photo that my husband Brian took of the Gorillas in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda.  Yes, we were close and I had to assume a very strong squat position but that was just for photographs.  We had a medium difficulty hike that was wet, muddy and in very dense foliage but once we made it to the gorillas all was well and our time with the gorillas was amazing.  I am grateful that I did not fall in gorilla droppings…. there was a risk of that but thanks to you my legs were strong and stable and handled the hike with no problem whatsoever.  I’m so happy!!!

I am so grateful to you for all the help that you gave me with my knee/leg. I could not have taken this hike had I not had your professional guidance and training.  Remember I could barely do a lunge let alone skip when I came to you.   Thank you”.

– Donna Hampton

Let our team of professionals walk with you along the road to recovery and beyond.

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