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The Benefits of Hurricane IRMA


I= Intelligence

R= Respect

M= Motivation

A= Awareness

For those of us that live and love Florida, Hurricane IRMA created quite a scare. Not only for our personal safety and for the safety of those around us, but also for our homes, businesses, and belongings. For some of us it threatened to take our lives and/or livelihood, and for others it actually did just that.

I’ve read posts asking for and offering assistance. I’ve heard about the “go fund me” pages, read about the outpouring of donations coming from businesses and individuals near and far, and have reached out with the help of many others to support our community with personal care goodie bags. The “human connection” I’m witnessing touches my heart, and makes me feel even more connected to Naples. For me and Rick this has been our home for more than 13 years.

As I’ve read the FaceBook posts and talk to many people around town, I keep reminding myself of the countless lessons I have learned over the past few weeks. (And although it seems like life has been interrupted for many months, it really has only been a few weeks.) I realized that while IRMA was scary, destructive and horrible, it was also AMAZING! Yes, I said AMAZING… and here’s why.

It brought people together. People talked to each other. Neighbors are now friends. We had a chance to connect with old friends, contact family that maybe we haven’t talked to in a while. Met new friends, and so on.

We spent “quality time” (albeit, in homes or shelters, lit by beautiful candle light, bright lanterns, and flashlights of all kinds) playing card and board games, re-introducing ourselves (and children that only know electronic based games) to charades, reading actual books, coloring, and did I mention talking without the TV, ipad, and every internet based distraction possible.  You may have prayed, laughed, cried, consoled, joked, and shared your thoughts, not only on social media, but in person… to one another… like the old days.

The aftermath of destruction, has been even more enlightening. Our beautiful Naples suffered pretty significant damage in some areas. One of the best descriptions I have heard was from my friend Donna; “Cosmetically Naples is without make-up right now…. looking a little rough and worn out from the storm but its authentic heart, soul and spirit, are shining bright and glistening through in the light.” Donna is one of the most positive people I have EVER met, but she is right. We’re all tired and feel slightly haggard. One minute we may feel happy that many of us are ok and it wasn’t worse, and the next minute feel horrible for someone living only a few minutes away that lost everything. The emotions of it all are exhausting and confusing.

But as I said in the very beginning, IRMA is also positive… think of “her” this way…

I= Intelligence We have all gained a sense of intelligence from this experience. How to prepare, what to do and not to do. New phone apps to help us stay connected, what insurance we need, papers are important, evacuation plans, etc. We’re learning if what we did to prepare was good, or not good enough. We’ve gained insight and inspiration that we as a community can and will come together to rebuild our homes, our city, our spirits, our businesses, and our lives.

R= Respect-  We have gained a deeper respect for one another, for our planet, for our bodies, for our property. We can look into someone’s eyes and offer a smile, a nod, a hello, and know we have all experienced something much greater than ourselves. Even if our own lives and livelihoods are “ok”, our “normal” is definitely not the same today as it was a few short weeks ago.

M= Motivation- Many of us are motivated to get our own lives back on track. To make sure things are where we need them to be. Whether dealing with business or personal things, we are motivated to get through the “clean up” and move forward. Some of us are motivated to help those that need something, anything, everything. Whether it’s offering assistance to clean up a yard, or offering a home cooked meal, a place to stay, helping to pack up donations, or collect funds, we are motivated more than ever to connect and stay connected.

A= Awareness- With Mother Nature’s cruel- life altering storms we have become acutely aware that we can’t control everything. We can control our responses, our reactions, and our behaviors before and after situations occur. We have become even more aware of our limitations and our strengths. Finding out what we are truly made of, and what is important to each of us. We are more aware of our neighbors and surroundings, maybe even seeing things through “new eyes”.

The question is, what happens next? What happens when most of the trees are carted away, school is open again, and the news stations find somethings else to talk about? Will we still keep the intelligence? Will we loose the respect? Will our motivation continue? Will we still be aware? I for one will work to continue these things. While I am BEYOND grateful that our home, business, friends and clients are safe and accounted for, I am humbled and in awe of this new “normal” and know that I can

Pier at Sunset in Naples, Florida

never go back. I hope you join me on this journey… there’s too much to do and a short time to get it all done.

Developmental Windows of Training for Young Athletes

Developmental Windows of Training for Young Athletes

There’s a lot of debate in the training world on when young athletes should start training programs. As our athletes reach the pre-pubescent years there is something called the developmental window, which starts around age 10 but can vary depending on physical and mental maturity, in which a certain type of training program is extremely beneficial for the athlete. Much like teaching a child to walk, read, or ride a bike, there is a method in which you teach the proper techniques and movements so that they are successful later on with those tasks. Training is much like that, in the sense that you want your athlete’s movement patterns to be engrained the correct way from the start. So by having our younger athlete’s develop strong, stable moves early on in their training years and understanding why they are doing each exercise, they have a strong, stable base to build off of once they are old enough to start the big lifts and the compound movements.

As the younger athletes start coming into us, it is our duty to explain to them that while they may be a specifically a tennis player, or specifically a baseball player, that their training needs to be comprehensive rather than sport specific. At such a young age for the athlete it is paramount that the athlete, as well as the parents, understand that sport specific training may lead to overuse injury as the athlete is continuously repeating the same motion over and over again while ignoring other moves that may aid in strengthening the sport specific move. Training athletes of any age, especially the younger athletes in the developmental window, should be a 100% complete training program and should teach the athlete the importance of each individual move and how they work synergistically to improve their game. As the athlete matures chronologically and training-wise and shows a complete understanding of the reasons, techniques, and importance of each move then we can start teaching sport specific movements and focuses on certain areas of their game.

The developmental window for young athletes is one of the most crucial times during their playing careers. Having the athlete understand and perfect exercises will help them immensely in the future as they will have a strong base to build off of as they mature.


Train Slow be Slow-Train Fast be Fast

In this day and age everyone is saturated by fitness crazes and information. We’re finding a generation that is paralyzed because of this overload. Let me give you an example, we see quite a few kids that want to work hard. They are athletes that want to make themselves better. Their perception is that if I train as hard as I can on the weights “I will be successful”. These athletes then come out for season and are not seeing the results they thought they would. They are slower, feeling less coordinated, and showing very little fluidity. What they don’t understand is that just squatting, deadlifting, & benching doesn’t translate to the field or court like they thought it would. These athletes come to us dumbfounded. The simple thing I tell them is that you’ve been training your body through slow methodical movements. Don’t get me wrong I love those three lifts, but done alone with no additional training, they are a recipe for disaster.

There are two primary muscle fibers in the body Slow twitch and Fast twitch. All sports are dominated by fast twitch fibers. The old saying “Speed Wins” is very true. The above athlete isn’t training for that explosive force that makes a difference on the field or court. They are slowing themselves down by over emphasizing big slow lifts. They have forgotten that sport is predicated on movement. Patterning movements while engaging in strength movements is essential for development.

Creating a program that incorporates strength, speed, agility, mobility, flexibility, stability, & power are the modalities that we put together so the athlete develops at an exponential rate. The trick is to blend them together so one cycle phases into the next. Of course they will get new stimuli, but they have to understand that the prior phase was necessary in order to develop into the next one. This is not easy for someone to do on their own. There is a reason we have strength coaches – performance coaches, and this is it.

Why are you training? How are you training to achieve that goal? If the answer to the second question is blurry then it’s time to come in for an evaluation and stop doing pause squats at LA Fitness.

Coach Rick is the Co-founder of BEYOND MOTION® and has more than 20 years experience as a Strength & Speed Specialist

Celebrate World Pilates Day with a FREE Pilates Mat Class!

Tomorrow is World Pilates Day and we are celebrating with a FREE Pilates Mat Class!  

Here’s what you need to know:

Register Here

The 1 hour Pilates Mat Class is for ALL levels and starts at 10:00am at BEYOND MOTION.  Make sure you are here a few minutes early to get checked in.  Wear comfortable workout clothing, but nothing too loose or baggy.  Bring a bottle of water, and a friend.  All are welcome!  There are Pilates/yoga mats at the studio, or bring your own.

After the mat class DELICIOUS RAW will be ther e to provide some awesomely healthy samples.

From 11:15am-12:30pm there will be Pilates Equipment, MOTR, and 15 minute massage demos!  Get your questions answered by our expert Pilates Instructors, try the Pilates equipment, and feel the difference. This is the perfect time to learn more about Pilates and why everyone loves it.  From Pro Athletes and celebrities, to weekend warriors and those looking to keep their bodies moving at every age, we wonder, why is everyone not doing this?  (*There will be a massage demo sign-up sheet the day of the event.)

Join the World-Wide Celebration!  

Click here to register.  

Or call the studio at:  239-254-9300

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Consider this my, “it’s going to be ok” hug

thoughts are things

This has been a week FULL of sad news. I can’t remember a week where I have had so many family, friends, and clients tell me about loved ones that have been diagnosed with something, passed away, or had some other terrible news. My heart goes out to each of you that have had your “world rocked” this week. While I don’t personally have the ability to “fix” these things, I can share with you something that has helped me throughout my life. Perhaps you will pass this along to everyone you know that could use this too. (Tomorrow I believe marks 26 years since my father passed, so I’ve been doing this for 26 years.)

We have all heard the expression, “thoughts are things”. You may already know that whatever you focus on expands, so if you dwell on negative thoughts about life, health, or the like, more of the same shows up. On the other hand if you focus on the positive that will show up as well.

Daily affirmations help so many of us move passed our negative thoughts into a more positive frame of mind. Unlocking the power of positive thinking using affirmations will result in a transformation of your actions, habits, attitude, emotions, and ultimately your life.

Ok, I’m getting personal now… I’m going to share with you some of my own gratitude statements and affirmations that I have been using for over 20 years.  So while you’re getting ready for work, or school, driving in your car, laying in bed, or whatever- try a few of these out and see how the work for you. Also, please feel free to share this post with whomever you feel would benefit from these too.

AND…While I know this is just a tiny little thing, it’s the one thing I can offer all of you that may need “a little something extra” right now. Consider this my, “it’s going to be ok” hug.  

In health,


  1. Thank you for all that I am and all that I have.
  2. I am happy, healthy, whole, and complete.
  3. I am totally safe and surrounded by love, light, peace and joy.
  4. I let go of what I no longer need. My body is healthy, heals quickly, and easily.
  5. My past is done and I release it. I live in the present with happiness, love and joy.
  6. I rest peacefully every night knowing that my body is healing and rejuvenating while I sleep.
  7. I have abundant energy and a vibrant immune system.
  8. I love and value myself completely and take care of my mind and body.
  9. I nourish myself with healing foods every day that satisfy and totally heal my body from the day.
  10. I deserve and accept vibrant health and wellness into my life now and always.

Co-BeyondMotion Founder + Owner Amy Lademann



Do you remember your last Massage Therapy session?!
How did you feel after?!

Most of my clients would say “I do feel so much better!”, ”My muscles and joints feel so much looser! I am sooooo relaxed!” (Personally this is THE BEST part of being a manual therapist!!! – Seeing my clients relaxed and having less discomfort and pain after their session is my biggest motivation!!)              

Massage Therapy, according to the Mayo Clinic, has a myriad of benefits, ranging from a reduction of stress to help manage pain.
Research has shown that massage therapy promotes better sleep and improves mental health and wellness. It is furthermore proven to help manage low-back and neck pain, headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and more. Elite and recreational athletes alike can benefit from massage therapy by increasing range of motion, a reduction of muscle tension, improvement of exercise performance and prevention of injuries.

Well, let’s be honest. We all do use and abuse our bodies on a regular basis. There are the clients who spend hours sitting, with less than perfect posture, in front of their computer –straining their necks and lower backs; there are the avid golfers and tennis players – asking their bodies to perform at the highest possible level while forgetting about how soft tissue work could help them improve their performance and prevent injuries, or there are the stressed out parents – who only want to do the best for their families without taking the time to care of themselves as well. We ALL would highly benefit from massage therapy.

From my personal as well as professional experience, being a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Doctoral Student of Physical Therapy, I know that regular massages are an essential part of preventative and rehabilitative care for our bodies. Of course, life happens and regular massages are sometimes not high on your priority list. However, please take care of your body and try to get in as much exercise and soft tissue work as you possibly can. I believe that regular massage sessions, besides regular exercise and good nutrition, are your best long-term investment for your body to function optimally. Soft tissue work should be an integral part of cultivating a healthy body and a healthy mind.

My massage practice is centered on blending preventative maintenance and rehabilitation with relaxation and stress relief. While considering each client’s individual goals, reassessing their needs and communicating with their bodies, it is my compassion to offer my clients a massage that is infused with deeply therapeutic as well as relaxing elements. Blending various therapeutic massage modalities into one effective treatment is the ultimate goal of mine.

Let me help you to return and maintain your body at an optimal level of functioning – either as a special treat or as part of your personal prevention program.

In health,

Anja Rottig, LMT, SPT


Have you booked your appointment?


Hi Amy,

I just wanted to thank you for recommending the massage I had last week with Anja. It was superb!!! Anja was excellent and so receptive to what I needed for a therapeutic massage. I have always been hesitant to getting massages but will definitely add them to my wellness regimen especially when I am here in Naples. I would definitely recommend Anja for an awesome therapeutic massage!

Thanks again!

Nancy DellaPosta

Massage appointments at BEYOND MOTION® are by appointment. Call 239-254-9300 to book yours today . See you soon!

Gold-Medal Moves

This is an amazing article from Pilates Style Magazine. Obviously  Kerri Walsh Jennings knows what it takes to become a world class athlete, and she wouldn’t trust her body to just any kind of workouts. Like all athletes training intelligently, Kerri chooses programs that support what her body needs, with coaches that understand how to keep her at the top of her game.   Read on to learn how this Olympic athlete and mom of 3 does what she does.



For most people, winning an Olympic gold medal is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. But not for Kerri Walsh Jennings: The beach-volleyball legend has won three successive gold medals with her teammate, Misty May-Treanor. And she’s gunning for a fourth at Rio this year—all while raising her three children.

Walsh Jenning’s busy life means making the most out of every workout. “I’m all about training smart,” she says. “I want to spend time with my family, and make sure I’m being a good mom and wife, especially when I’m home, so my trainers and I are all very good about being efficient.” Along with hitting the sand, this Pilates devotee makes a point of spending time on the mat and Reformer. “I’m obsessed,” she says. “It’s helped me so much in my career.” Here, Walsh Jennings shares her favorite moves, workout snacks and time-management advice.


PS: How often do you practice Pilates when you’re in training?

KWJ: I’ve been doing Pilates for about 10 to 15 years now. It completely transforms your body—everything from your core to your legs to your back. You realize you have all these new muscles you didn’t know you had. I practice about three times a week with my trainer, Kerry Wachtfogle, on the Reformer, the mat and on the beach.

PS: How do you think Pilates benefits your volleyball?

KWJ: In so many ways! After having three kids and breastfeeding, I had to work really hard to get the strength back in my core and upper back. Pilates played a huge role in that. It keeps me strong and flexible, which are key to preventing injury. On top of that, it’s great for metabolism, confidence, posture and bone density—important for volleyball, but also good perks for women in general.

PS: What are some of your favorite moves?

KWJ: I love the Hundred and the Frog Stretch. That’s where you start on your knees and hands, and walk your hands in front of you. You come to your forearms and move your knees out wider than your hips, and then dip your pelvis to the floor. It really opens your hip flexors and inner thighs.

PS: What does a typical training day look like?

KWJ: It varies day to day, but usually I do about three hours of beach-volleyball practice in the morning. Then I’m either in the gym doing cardio or weightlifting, or doing Pilates. My cardio includes fast-twitch workouts and plyometrics to keep up my agility and endurance. It adds up to about 20 to 30 hours of training per work out. On top of that, there’s brain-training, physical therapy, meeting with my sports psychologist—that’s all very important, too.

PS: What are some of your favorite workout snacks?

KWJ: Before my morning workouts, my go-to snack is a shake. My kids like them, so it works for the whole family. I usually use unsweetened vanilla almond milk, like Almond Breeze, French Vanilla Designer Whey protein, kale or spinach, chia seeds, oats and honey. If I have more time, I make oatmeal with almond milk, and almond butter and banana. Post-workout, it’s important I get protein, so I like to do another shake or a protein bar, or turkey sandwich on Paleo bread with mustard and avocado. I’m a creature of habit—those are my staples!

PS: You obviously have a crazy-busy schedule. Do you have any advice on how you manage the juggle?

KWJ: It’s organized chaos for the most part! While I don’t feel like I’ve perfected the balance by any means, my first piece of advice is to prioritize. I want to be the best mom, wife and athlete I can be, so when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I re-evaluate what’s on my plate and try to get rid of what’s not helping with any of those things. Being present and mindful is really important. So when I’m training, I am 100 percent focused on that. Then when I’m with my family, I’m really there and making the most of that time. Last, but definitely not least, a solid support system makes all the difference. My husband, Casey, and I are a team with our kids, and we’re surrounded my amazing people who support us.

PS: How do you stay motivated?

KWJ: I really love what I do. I love working hard and getting better—and I love winning! I put my full self into everything I do, and I know I have more in me. That’s usually enough motivation for me. I also have incredible family and friends who inspire me and push me to keep going.

(as seen in Pilates Style Magazine online)

How baseball training is evolving

Training for baseball, especially for pitchers, used to emphasize aerobic conditioning to the point of exhaustion. The old adage was players should run to build up their stamina and their endurance. As strength and conditioning has evolved, however, more emIMG_0136phasis is being placed on speed and power training rather than steady-state aerobic training.

The reason for this shift in training is due to the fact that we as trainers are becoming more aware of the effects of training the anaerobic components to increase the aerobic. This effect only takes place from anaerobic to aerobic though, it’s essentially just a one-way street; you cannot improve your anaerobic performance by training your aerobic energy systems. So, when baseball players come into Beyond Motion and start training we emphasize training those anaerobic energy systems, the creatine phosphagen system and the fast glycolytic. Being able to training anaerobically while still improving aerobic performance is huge for us, it allows the trainers to make the workouts more interesting and gives us more variety in our programming. With this all being said, ignoring aerobic training completely would be an ill-advised move of course, because to be a strong athlete you have to have balance in your program.Energy Chart Nick Blog

Focusing on these powerful and quick movements relates to on the field movements as well. Baseball is a sport that is short powerful bursts of energy with periods of inactivity, sometimes longs bouts of inactivity. So what we need to do as coaches is train our players for those quick bursts, which could be swinging the bat, tracking down a fly ball, or stealing a base. All of the movements we do in the weight room serve a purpose, gone are the days of lifting like a bodybuilder or running like a marathon runner. Our baseball players train fast and they training strong so they can be at their best on the field.






Rhea, Matthew R. et. Al. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2008. Noncompatibility of Power and Endurance Training Among College Baseball Players


Become a Pilates Teacher with BEYOND MOTION®

Congratulate these ladies for starting their journey!

These fabulous ladies just completed our Pilates Mat Teacher Training.

Congratulations to: Renee’, Isabel, and Suzie!

Our next round of Pilates Teacher Training’s begins on July 22nd and will have your entire course work completed in time to teach Pilates starting in January, 2017.

Over the last decade, Pilates has grown in popularity with everyone from athletes, to celebrities, as well all of us just looking to create and maintain a healthy, fit body. This HUGE amount of popularity has created a need for highly educated Pilates teachers.

Unfortunately, this need for instructors has led to fly-by-night teacher training schools popping up all over.  Historically, as a Pilates teacher we needed to undergo 400 – 600 hours of lecture, observation, and self practice, in order to safely teach clients and understand their needs. Now we see companies advertising that they “certify” Pilates teachers in as little as just 8-16 hours… (oh please…)

BEYOND MOTION® does NOT offer one of those “quickie” teacher training programs. Our comprehensive teacher training course requires over 450 hours of lecture, observation, self practice and exams, as well as apprenticing at the BEYOND MOTION® studio.  Graduates of the program will be fully qualified to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam (Which is the ONLY NCAA accredited Pilates Teacher Certification in the world.)

I started this program because of what I was seeing during interviews. Many instructors had great energy, but little knowledge. They learned how to regurgitate choreography, but didn’t understand how to pull the exercises apart, or why to teach some exercises to some students, and not to others. So here we are…. BEYOND MOTION® PILATES TEACHER TRAINING.

While there are many amazing and reputable companies around the globe, you may need to travel quite far and pay HUGE amounts of money for the training. I wanted people to be able to study in SW Florida, learn more than just choreography and truly understand the practice. Join us and learn the amazing power that Pilates has to truly transform your body, and your life.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, we invite you to follow the links below.. Trust us it’s one of the MOST rewarding training programs you can experience!

Chris Sale conditioned self for success he’s enjoying

Chris Sale conditioned self for success he’s enjoying

 We love sharing all of the latest news about our athletes… This was posted today in the Chicago Tribune. 

On any given Friday last offseason in Naples, Fla., visitors combing Vanderbilt Beach might catch the sight of a 6-foot-6 paddleboarder in the Atlantic Ocean or see the same tall, lanky athlete catching footballs at Pelican Bay Park.

During baseball season, White Sox ace Chris Sale works every fifth day. But once it ends, that’s how often Sale’s personal trainer in southwest Florida lets him play — relatively speaking. So every Friday from November until early February, Sale capped a rigorous workout week with an entertaining physical exercise outside the gym that broke up the monotony.

“We tried to keep it fun on Fridays,” said Rick Lademann, the co-founder of Beyond Motion health and fitness facility who has trained Sale the last four years. “Paddleboarding, running wind sprints in the park, catching Hail Mary passes … he got some looks.”

On this Friday in Yankees Stadium in New York, Sale will command stares again as he tries to become the first Sox pitcher since Jon Garland in 2005 to win his first eight starts. A Sale of the century indeed; the lefty with electric stuff became only the fifth Sox pitcher since 1913 to start 7-0. He breezed through batting orders with a 1.79 earned-run average over 50 1/3 innings — the highest total in the American League after his last start Sunday.

Sale’s stamina has been as impressive as his devastating slider, endurance Lademann says hardly came by accident. More by design.

“When Chris first came to us four years ago, he never had been through something like this so now he understands his body more,” said Lademann, a Loyola Academy graduate from Deerfield who worked under Bulls strength coach Al Vermeil from 1996-2000. “Chris matured astronomically. The biggest growth has come from the mental side. He wants it.”

While Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta’s famous fitness regimen caused the team to name a Pilates room for him in its new clubhouse, Sale’s commitment to conditioning received much less fanfare. With a quick start in mind, Sale appeared last Nov. 1, weeks before Lademann expected him, intent on improving his body.

Chris Sale photo by the Chicago Tribune

“I saw an urgency in Chris I usually see with NFL players I train,” said Lademann, 41.

And they trained hard, according to how Lademann described the four-hour-per-day workout week that led up to the fun-filled Fridays.

Monday: In what Lademann called “dynamic pre-hab” to prevent injuries, Sale focused on everything from rotator-cuff exercises to lower-leg squats and dead lifts. They dedicated 30 minutes to soft tissue and finished with stretching.

Tuesday: The high-volume intensity day included circuit training, with four exercises specifically designed for Sale.

Wednesday: On the day devoted to Pilates, Sale followed instructor Amy Lademann, Rick’s wife and facility co-founder, and concentrated on his core and flexibility.

Thursday: A heavy lifting day, Sale focused on his glutes and leg muscles, eventually building up enough power to squat 255 pounds eight times, according to Lademann.

“He’s a skinny guy but strong as hell,” Lademann said.

Yet in this young season of promise, Sale has left a deeper impression with his mental strength. He boldly took on club executive Kenny Williams after the Adam LaRoche saga, a risky public stand that unified the Sox and clearly identified Sale as a clubhouse leader. He stayed professional even when the Sox’s cutting of buddy John Danks stung personally. But most significantly, Sale slightly adjusted his approach on the mound, trusting the Sox’s improved defense enough this year to pitch to contact rather than go for the strikeout every time.

Oh, Sale still possesses that fiery intensity that caused him to hit himself in the head with a baseball last Sunday in frustration — but he also uses it more to his advantage. Testament of that headiness came from Twins catcher Kurt Suzuki after Sale’s last start.

“He’s smart,” Suzuki told “He’s not just a thrower. He’s doing a little more finesse stuff this year than in the past.”

As for the future, Sale seems well-suited as the franchise player for a Sox organization that holds team options for two seasons after his contract expires in 2017. That price certainty for Sale removes the anxiety surrounding Arrieta’s next deal. Comparing Chicago aces, Arrieta has sounded more unsettled about his contract in the last two months than Sale ever has in the three years since signing his — a five-year, $32.5 million package that is baseball’s best bargain.

Yet those who know Sale best say he measures worth in other ways.

“He’s authentic,” Lademann said. “He’s like a hermit — he doesn’t go out. He loves his wife (Brianne) and son (Rylan) … and video games. He’s not into the limelight. There is no rock-star mentality. He’s a blue-collar guy from Lakeland, Fla., who grew up without a lot of money and has stayed true to who he is.”

Staying true to his routine, Lademann will send Sale a text before Friday’s start the way he always does. A trainer never stops training prized pupils.

“Just little stuff to let him know I’m watching,” Lademann said. “I think my last one was: ‘Excellence is defined by consistency and consistency is defined by location.”

At this stage of the season, and his career, it’s hard to imagine Sale in a better place.

Article first posted in the Chicago Tribune by David Haugh

Contact Reporter Chicago Tribune