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How Chris Sale is grooming Jason Groome- from ESPN

For the past several years we have watched Chris Sale develop into the pitcher he is today. For more than five years he has trained at BEYOND MOTION to increase his strength and speed with a program that includes 5 days a week of training and Pilates. This year he showed Jason Groome the ropes, as he brought him into his world at BEYOND MOTION.



“I thought one of my buddies was playing a prank on me,” Groome says.

But it wasn’t a joke. And later that day, Groome went to meet with Sale and Lademann.

Click here to read more about Chris and Jason



What you may, or may not know about Pilates.


Pilates. You’ve heard it’s hard, it’s just for women, it’s the same thing as yoga, it’s too expensive, it’s not really a workout, it’s for the flexible dancer types……  Well, let’s set a few things straight.


Well, of course, it’s hard, and anyone that says it’s not really a workout has probably not tried it yet. How often do you practice table top position on your back with your head and chest curled up while pumping your arms by your sides as you inhale 5 times, then exhale 5 times, repeating 10 times with no break in between? Be prepared to use muscles you didn’t know existed. And, trying to get your mind to connect with what your body is doing, well, some of us have that problem with simple everyday tasks. Now add instructors watching and correcting your every move to make sure each movement is perfectly executed. Oh, and did we mention eyes up, head up, chin up, and don’t forget to breathe!

The plus side is that when you stick with it, you will see and feel a difference. You will notice your posture improve, increased flexibility, and your mind and body will start to work together creating more efficient movement in your daily life. You will increase core and back strength, and improve balance, all which help to prevent injuries.



Don’t tell that to all the athletes that use Pilates as part of their cross-training. Pilates is known for targeting specific muscle groups that get neglected with regular weight training, therefore creating total body strength and functionality. Everyone, men and women, need increased core strength and flexibility.

And did we mention, Pilates was created by a man? Joseph Pilates was a gymnast, bodybuilder, professional boxer, and a self-defence trainer for police officers in places like Scotland Yard.  



baseball coaches
soccer players



While Pilates and yoga both utilize a mat, Pilates can also be done on specific equipment that adds extra resistance. Yoga is considered spiritual, Pilates is more of a mind and body connection. Both help with flexibility, but Pilates helps increase core strength, therefore, improving overall body movement efficiency.  To truly understand the differences between Pilates and yoga, try them both. You cannot compare one to the other if you have only tried one.



The initial costs of Pilates can be a deterrent. But if you are serious about your health and fitness it is an investment to last a lifetime. Private Pilates sessions are equivalent to the costs of personal training. Both equally worth it. Pilates instructors go through very rigorous training to obtain their certifications, therefore you are receiving in-depth knowledge on how to correctly execute each Pilates move and the Pilates principles. After you learn the basics, costs can be minimized by joining group classes, whether on mat or equipment.


Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of why Pilates is a game changer to an over-all cross-training program. Incorporating Pilates into your weekly workout schedule will help target areas that weight training alone often misses. Think of it as an investment in your health and physical fitness. It is for people looking to increase flexibility, core strength, prevent injuries, and build a stronger physical foundation.


What is Impingement Syndrome?

A common diagnosis I see as a Physical Therapist is shoulder impingement syndrome. This syndrome involves the rotator cuff and bicep muscles. The syndrome is caused when the tendons become impinged as they pass through the subacromial space or when tendons are irritated by bony osteophytes(spurs) that form in the shoulder girdle. When this repeatedly occurs the tendons become inflamed and shoulder tendonitis develops. If not addressed it can lead to future rotator cuff tears. Prevention of these type of injuries or painful conditions is key to lasting function of your shoulder whether you are a high performance athlete, recreational sports player, workout enthusiast, or an active employee within certain occupations. Pilates is an excellent modality that I often incorporate into my rehabilitation programs as well as Pilates wellness programs to address these shoulder conditions.

The glenohumeral joint is your main shoulder joint. This joint is made up of the humerus bone which sits in a shallow glenoid fossa. This shallow joint socket allows for great mobility but sacrifices stability of the joint. The rotator cuff muscles provide the stability to this joint. Strengthening of these muscles as well as promoting good posture and alignment is important in shoulder injury prevention and providing joint support. It is also important to strengthen the periscapular musculature (the muscles surrounding the shoulder blade and upper back) as these muscles also provide stability and postural control to your shoulder. Other areas of focus when treating a painful shoulder are to address tightness in the shoulder girdle musculature and mobility of the scapula and thoracic spine for overall improved upper extremity range of motion without pain. Muscle imbalances and joint stiffness can often lead to faulty biomechanics. In addition, once injury occurs, faulty mechanics often result due to correct movement patterns being lost.

Pilates helps to correct poor muscle recruitment through postural control, flexibility, strength, and core stabilization. Pilates exercises work to ensure good posture and correct alignment of the shoulder to alleviate destructive forces on the shoulder. This can be done through isolated movements, combination movements, assistive movements specifically with Pilates apparatus, or through more dynamic and sport specific rotational movements combined with core stabilization exercises.

Shoulder impingement can be a painful condition and limit function; however, through positive movement experiences, these conditions can be effectively treated or prevented.


Julie is a licensed PT and PMA certified Pilates Instructor


Hear From Our Athletes….

Baseball has always been something I loved to play and have fun with it. I was never a “prodigy” or one of the best players on the field. Even coming into my freshman year I still didn’t believe the hype about me, and didn’t understand why so many people believed in me. I always told myself I was too weak and I just wanted to play for fun. As freshman year came to a close I realized this was something I wanted to take to the second step. Throughout high school season I kept hearing more and more about this Coach named Rick Lademann. So one day I approached some guys on the team that trained with him and heard nothing but positive things about him. So of course I had to tell my parents about this guy. When I told my mom about him she went straight on her phone and looked up Beyond Motion. The next day I was at the front desk paying for my first 12 sessions. To this day my parents say it was the best money they ever spent.

As I went through my sessions I noticed some quick changes in my game. My hand speed, my foot work, my leg strength, and mostly my arm strength, never felt this strong. So of course since I was getting so much stronger, my play on the field became eye opening to scouts. I had no idea what I was doing, or how good I became until I got my first call from a D1 school. It was insane hearing how I could impact SEC and ACC schools.

I went from a scrawny little everyday travel ball and babe Ruth baseball player, to a top D1 program recruit. I can easily say it has all happened from the decision from my parents made to send me to Beyond Motion. But I’m not done yet! I haven’t stopped yet. All I can think about now is that I want more, more, more, more. This man has put a new feature in my mind that I never knew. Im not satisfied with what I have right now, I want to get bigger and stronger everyday. I want to be able to tell Pro scouts that Rick Lademann from Beyond Motion trained me to play and look like this. Not only do I want this for myself, but I love being at Beyond Motion with my team and want to lead them to another state appearance.  Im the only kid on the roster this year that has 2 years of varsity under their belt, and have gone through two strong and unbeatable teams. Another year another chapter. RTD!!

Thank you Coach Rick and the Team at Beyond Motion!  

Shane Marshall- 

Meet Me at the Gym: Fitness class fuses barre, Pilates, yoga, ballet= Barre Motion Classes

Meet Me at the Gym is an occasional Tuesday column about Southwest Florida group exercise classes. Wellness reporter Shelby Reynolds finds the newest workout crazes, unique locations and the interesting people behind them, then gives them a try so you know what to expect. 

Knowing very well I was out of shape after Hurricane Irma interrupted my workout schedule, the ballet barre seemed a little intimidating.

I imagined having to hoist my leg over the top and perform some kind advanced ballet maneuver that would surely split my yoga pants.

Luckily, I was wrong.

On a recent Tuesday morning, I found my place at the barre in Amy Lademann’s fusion fitness class alongside about 10 other women. Outfitted with floor discs, a stretchy exercise band, yoga mat, 3-pound dumbbells and a miniature exercise ball, I was armed for class.

Barre motion combines conditioning elements of barre, Pilates, yoga and ballet designed to target major muscle groups, burn calories, increase flexibility and improve posture.

Lademann and her husband, Rick, opened Beyond Motion in 2009 in the Riverbend Plaza in North Naples off U.S. 41 just north of Immokalee Road. The studio is washed in white and turquoise blue, with pretty hardwood floors. Natural light cascades through a wall of windows on one side.

Other classes include strength training and Pilates bootcamp.

In addition to group fitness classes, Beyond Motion also offers massage therapy, Pilates and personal training. They train anyone from high school athletes and teams to professionals from the NFL and MLB.

Lademann has experience teaching about every exercise program under the sun. She grew up dancing and cheerleading. She studied martial arts in college and started teaching aerobics, yoga and NIA dance, a workout program popular in the ’80s and ’90s that fused martial arts and modern dance.



Through it all, she battled pain from sciatica.

“Yoga and dance was making me hurt,” she said. “Pilates was the one thing that took my pain away.”

After moving to Naples 13 years ago, Lademann continued to instruct Pilates, yoga and barre, but dreamed of forming her own program at her own studio.

“I wanted to be able to package it all together so that by the end of the class (students) had moved every part of their body without feeling cheated,” she said.

So Beyond Motion was born, and along with it the Barre Motion group fitness class two years later.

Group fitness classes can be purchased in packages of five, 10, 15 or 20 classes, which expire four months after the date of purchase. Drop-in classes cost $20.

Each class is different, from the music to the movement. While most barre classes focus on small pulse movements, Lademann leads her students through an interval-style class mixed with that and some low-impact cardio.

“You will probably leave sweaty,” she warned before class. She was right.

On that Tuesday morning, we started with a quick full-body warm-up and moved right into an upper body strength section using dumbbells. We worked shoulders, especially, with raises and lifts. I was happy to start with 3-pound dumbbells, while my more experienced classmates used 5 pounds and heavier.

We moved through each piece of equipment from there, doing bursts of cardio and stretches in between.

The elastic band wrapped around our ankles, we did squats and leg lifts, using the barre for balance. As a beginner, some of the squats in first- and third-position (there’s the ballet influences) felt a little uncomfortable, but Lademann made quick work of correcting my form.

By the time we got to the inflated exercise ball wedged between our thighs, my legs were shaking, and the lower body movements didn’t stop there. We used the floor discs for lunges and more squats.


Next was core on the mat. Here comes more shaking.

We ended with a cool down and full-body stretches

It’s not uncommon to find fusion fitness classes with elements of different forms of exercise — martial arts and kickboxing, ballet and barre, plyometrics and weight training.

“It allows you to get a taste of more than one modality,” Lademann said.

And you have the benefit of a full-body workout. After barre motion my muscles — especially lower body — were sore for several days. My initial fears of the barre were unnecessary. I tackled the barre and many other movements that were completely new to me before walking into the Beyond Motion studio.

“When I grew up dancing you left it all on the floor,” Lademann said. “I want everybody to feel they did everything they feel they could.”

Barre Motion at Beyond Motion

  • Sweat scale: 3 out of 5 drops
  • What to bring: Water and a towel
  • When: 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday; 6 p.m. Wednesday
  • Where: Beyond Motion, 11985 U.S. 41 N., North Naples
  • Cost: $20 for drop-in class; $90 for five classes; $160 for 10 classes; $210 for 15 classes; $240 for 20 classes
  • More; 239-254-9300

The Benefits of Hurricane IRMA


I= Intelligence

R= Respect

M= Motivation

A= Awareness

For those of us that live and love Florida, Hurricane IRMA created quite a scare. Not only for our personal safety and for the safety of those around us, but also for our homes, businesses, and belongings. For some of us it threatened to take our lives and/or livelihood, and for others it actually did just that.

I’ve read posts asking for and offering assistance. I’ve heard about the “go fund me” pages, read about the outpouring of donations coming from businesses and individuals near and far, and have reached out with the help of many others to support our community with personal care goodie bags. The “human connection” I’m witnessing touches my heart, and makes me feel even more connected to Naples. For me and Rick this has been our home for more than 13 years.

As I’ve read the FaceBook posts and talk to many people around town, I keep reminding myself of the countless lessons I have learned over the past few weeks. (And although it seems like life has been interrupted for many months, it really has only been a few weeks.) I realized that while IRMA was scary, destructive and horrible, it was also AMAZING! Yes, I said AMAZING… and here’s why.

It brought people together. People talked to each other. Neighbors are now friends. We had a chance to connect with old friends, contact family that maybe we haven’t talked to in a while. Met new friends, and so on.

We spent “quality time” (albeit, in homes or shelters, lit by beautiful candle light, bright lanterns, and flashlights of all kinds) playing card and board games, re-introducing ourselves (and children that only know electronic based games) to charades, reading actual books, coloring, and did I mention talking without the TV, ipad, and every internet based distraction possible.  You may have prayed, laughed, cried, consoled, joked, and shared your thoughts, not only on social media, but in person… to one another… like the old days.

The aftermath of destruction, has been even more enlightening. Our beautiful Naples suffered pretty significant damage in some areas. One of the best descriptions I have heard was from my friend Donna; “Cosmetically Naples is without make-up right now…. looking a little rough and worn out from the storm but its authentic heart, soul and spirit, are shining bright and glistening through in the light.” Donna is one of the most positive people I have EVER met, but she is right. We’re all tired and feel slightly haggard. One minute we may feel happy that many of us are ok and it wasn’t worse, and the next minute feel horrible for someone living only a few minutes away that lost everything. The emotions of it all are exhausting and confusing.

But as I said in the very beginning, IRMA is also positive… think of “her” this way…

I= Intelligence We have all gained a sense of intelligence from this experience. How to prepare, what to do and not to do. New phone apps to help us stay connected, what insurance we need, papers are important, evacuation plans, etc. We’re learning if what we did to prepare was good, or not good enough. We’ve gained insight and inspiration that we as a community can and will come together to rebuild our homes, our city, our spirits, our businesses, and our lives.

R= Respect-  We have gained a deeper respect for one another, for our planet, for our bodies, for our property. We can look into someone’s eyes and offer a smile, a nod, a hello, and know we have all experienced something much greater than ourselves. Even if our own lives and livelihoods are “ok”, our “normal” is definitely not the same today as it was a few short weeks ago.

M= Motivation- Many of us are motivated to get our own lives back on track. To make sure things are where we need them to be. Whether dealing with business or personal things, we are motivated to get through the “clean up” and move forward. Some of us are motivated to help those that need something, anything, everything. Whether it’s offering assistance to clean up a yard, or offering a home cooked meal, a place to stay, helping to pack up donations, or collect funds, we are motivated more than ever to connect and stay connected.

A= Awareness- With Mother Nature’s cruel- life altering storms we have become acutely aware that we can’t control everything. We can control our responses, our reactions, and our behaviors before and after situations occur. We have become even more aware of our limitations and our strengths. Finding out what we are truly made of, and what is important to each of us. We are more aware of our neighbors and surroundings, maybe even seeing things through “new eyes”.

The question is, what happens next? What happens when most of the trees are carted away, school is open again, and the news stations find somethings else to talk about? Will we still keep the intelligence? Will we loose the respect? Will our motivation continue? Will we still be aware? I for one will work to continue these things. While I am BEYOND grateful that our home, business, friends and clients are safe and accounted for, I am humbled and in awe of this new “normal” and know that I can

Pier at Sunset in Naples, Florida

never go back. I hope you join me on this journey… there’s too much to do and a short time to get it all done.

Developmental Windows of Training for Young Athletes

Developmental Windows of Training for Young Athletes

There’s a lot of debate in the training world on when young athletes should start training programs. As our athletes reach the pre-pubescent years there is something called the developmental window, which starts around age 10 but can vary depending on physical and mental maturity, in which a certain type of training program is extremely beneficial for the athlete. Much like teaching a child to walk, read, or ride a bike, there is a method in which you teach the proper techniques and movements so that they are successful later on with those tasks. Training is much like that, in the sense that you want your athlete’s movement patterns to be engrained the correct way from the start. So by having our younger athlete’s develop strong, stable moves early on in their training years and understanding why they are doing each exercise, they have a strong, stable base to build off of once they are old enough to start the big lifts and the compound movements.

As the younger athletes start coming into us, it is our duty to explain to them that while they may be a specifically a tennis player, or specifically a baseball player, that their training needs to be comprehensive rather than sport specific. At such a young age for the athlete it is paramount that the athlete, as well as the parents, understand that sport specific training may lead to overuse injury as the athlete is continuously repeating the same motion over and over again while ignoring other moves that may aid in strengthening the sport specific move. Training athletes of any age, especially the younger athletes in the developmental window, should be a 100% complete training program and should teach the athlete the importance of each individual move and how they work synergistically to improve their game. As the athlete matures chronologically and training-wise and shows a complete understanding of the reasons, techniques, and importance of each move then we can start teaching sport specific movements and focuses on certain areas of their game.

The developmental window for young athletes is one of the most crucial times during their playing careers. Having the athlete understand and perfect exercises will help them immensely in the future as they will have a strong base to build off of as they mature.


Train Slow be Slow-Train Fast be Fast

In this day and age everyone is saturated by fitness crazes and information. We’re finding a generation that is paralyzed because of this overload. Let me give you an example, we see quite a few kids that want to work hard. They are athletes that want to make themselves better. Their perception is that if I train as hard as I can on the weights “I will be successful”. These athletes then come out for season and are not seeing the results they thought they would. They are slower, feeling less coordinated, and showing very little fluidity. What they don’t understand is that just squatting, deadlifting, & benching doesn’t translate to the field or court like they thought it would. These athletes come to us dumbfounded. The simple thing I tell them is that you’ve been training your body through slow methodical movements. Don’t get me wrong I love those three lifts, but done alone with no additional training, they are a recipe for disaster.

There are two primary muscle fibers in the body Slow twitch and Fast twitch. All sports are dominated by fast twitch fibers. The old saying “Speed Wins” is very true. The above athlete isn’t training for that explosive force that makes a difference on the field or court. They are slowing themselves down by over emphasizing big slow lifts. They have forgotten that sport is predicated on movement. Patterning movements while engaging in strength movements is essential for development.

Creating a program that incorporates strength, speed, agility, mobility, flexibility, stability, & power are the modalities that we put together so the athlete develops at an exponential rate. The trick is to blend them together so one cycle phases into the next. Of course they will get new stimuli, but they have to understand that the prior phase was necessary in order to develop into the next one. This is not easy for someone to do on their own. There is a reason we have strength coaches – performance coaches, and this is it.

Why are you training? How are you training to achieve that goal? If the answer to the second question is blurry then it’s time to come in for an evaluation and stop doing pause squats at LA Fitness.

Coach Rick is the Co-founder of BEYOND MOTION® and has more than 20 years experience as a Strength & Speed Specialist

Celebrate World Pilates Day with a FREE Pilates Mat Class!

Tomorrow is World Pilates Day and we are celebrating with a FREE Pilates Mat Class!  

Here’s what you need to know:

Register Here

The 1 hour Pilates Mat Class is for ALL levels and starts at 10:00am at BEYOND MOTION.  Make sure you are here a few minutes early to get checked in.  Wear comfortable workout clothing, but nothing too loose or baggy.  Bring a bottle of water, and a friend.  All are welcome!  There are Pilates/yoga mats at the studio, or bring your own.

After the mat class DELICIOUS RAW will be ther e to provide some awesomely healthy samples.

From 11:15am-12:30pm there will be Pilates Equipment, MOTR, and 15 minute massage demos!  Get your questions answered by our expert Pilates Instructors, try the Pilates equipment, and feel the difference. This is the perfect time to learn more about Pilates and why everyone loves it.  From Pro Athletes and celebrities, to weekend warriors and those looking to keep their bodies moving at every age, we wonder, why is everyone not doing this?  (*There will be a massage demo sign-up sheet the day of the event.)

Join the World-Wide Celebration!  

Click here to register.  

Or call the studio at:  239-254-9300

Make sure you check out our co-sponsor delicious raw.  

Consider this my, “it’s going to be ok” hug

thoughts are things

This has been a week FULL of sad news. I can’t remember a week where I have had so many family, friends, and clients tell me about loved ones that have been diagnosed with something, passed away, or had some other terrible news. My heart goes out to each of you that have had your “world rocked” this week. While I don’t personally have the ability to “fix” these things, I can share with you something that has helped me throughout my life. Perhaps you will pass this along to everyone you know that could use this too. (Tomorrow I believe marks 26 years since my father passed, so I’ve been doing this for 26 years.)

We have all heard the expression, “thoughts are things”. You may already know that whatever you focus on expands, so if you dwell on negative thoughts about life, health, or the like, more of the same shows up. On the other hand if you focus on the positive that will show up as well.

Daily affirmations help so many of us move passed our negative thoughts into a more positive frame of mind. Unlocking the power of positive thinking using affirmations will result in a transformation of your actions, habits, attitude, emotions, and ultimately your life.

Ok, I’m getting personal now… I’m going to share with you some of my own gratitude statements and affirmations that I have been using for over 20 years.  So while you’re getting ready for work, or school, driving in your car, laying in bed, or whatever- try a few of these out and see how the work for you. Also, please feel free to share this post with whomever you feel would benefit from these too.

AND…While I know this is just a tiny little thing, it’s the one thing I can offer all of you that may need “a little something extra” right now. Consider this my, “it’s going to be ok” hug.  

In health,


  1. Thank you for all that I am and all that I have.
  2. I am happy, healthy, whole, and complete.
  3. I am totally safe and surrounded by love, light, peace and joy.
  4. I let go of what I no longer need. My body is healthy, heals quickly, and easily.
  5. My past is done and I release it. I live in the present with happiness, love and joy.
  6. I rest peacefully every night knowing that my body is healing and rejuvenating while I sleep.
  7. I have abundant energy and a vibrant immune system.
  8. I love and value myself completely and take care of my mind and body.
  9. I nourish myself with healing foods every day that satisfy and totally heal my body from the day.
  10. I deserve and accept vibrant health and wellness into my life now and always.

Co-BeyondMotion Founder + Owner Amy Lademann