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Videos instruct you how to get fit at Beyond Motion in Naples, Florida with athlete training, personal training, group fitness classes, Barre Motion, cardio barre classes, pilates, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, nutritional coaching, and more

Pilates Day Celebration – Workouts

Every year on the first Saturday of May people around the world celebrate International Pilates Day. Knowing this year Pilates Day also falls on the same day as Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, we decided to celebrate with everyone online… allowing you to participate in some of our favorite Pilates moves from the comfort of your own home.



And stay tuned for more videos and workouts by subscribing to our youtube channel BEYONDMOTION.TV



Need stronger glutes? Try this glute series and let us know if you’re feeling the burn…



Looking to build endurance and challenge your core? Try this series of 5… a secret weapon to help develop your six pack.

Get SexyFit with BEYOND MOTION’s SexyFit Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition, diet, and weight loss programs are advertised everywhere. No matter what you read, or where you look you can find a program with the “perfect” quick tips, suggestions, and solutions. And if you’re like many of us, you’ve tried lots of things to look and feel your best. From Vegan to Paleo and everything in between, each eating style and program claims to be perfect… But are they really, perfect for you???


When selecting a new program to help you loose weight and change your lifestyle forever, I highly suggest using a system that offers you the education, support, and information you will need to really set yourself up for success. For more than a decade I have been teaching people about low-glycemic eating, portion control, nutrient timing, proper supplementation, and so much more. BEYOND MOTION’s SexyFit Nutrition Challenge is one of my favorite education programs, because it works. The science, education, ongoing support, and complete system set you up for long-term success. NO GUESS WORK. NO GAMES. NO FADS. JUST SUCCESS! And better yet, the program is ideal for your entire family.


Just to give you an idea of what others are saying about BEYOND MOTION’s SexyFit Nutrition Challenge, watch this interview from a mother and daughter truly working to not only support one another – but to help the rest of their family too.

What are Others Saying About the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge with BEYOND MOTION®?

“I have been experiencing great results from the SexyFit Nutrition program…I feel entirely different, I have “learned” a completely different way to travel.  I had felt so bloated and stuck before I started with the program and now I feel entirely different from the inside out.  I literally feel like I deflated…so the inflammation has subsided.  The shakes have been great in the morning.  Salads have been the savior because I am eating with clients all the time for lunch.  All in all, it has been a great investment and I have seen good results.  I think I have lost about 3 inches all around and about 5lbs in the first 18 days.”               Thanks again.  Mina

Are you a SexyFit candidate? 

  • Are you tired of the yoyo diets?
  • Are you tired of the latest fads that work for a week and are too hard to stick too?
  • Are you tired of not fitting into your favorite clothes?
  • Are you ready for more energy?
  • Are you ready for a program that your ENTIRE house can agree on?
  • Are you ready to sleep better?
  • Are you ready to become SexyFit???

 Click Here to Find Out How You Can Become SexyFit during our March 2016 Challenge!


Quick Butt and Thigh Workout

It’s time for another no gym, no problem workout. As part of the fitness series I have been taking Sherry from GirlTalkTV through, this one is all about one “simple” lower body series to hit those tush and thigh trouble spots. Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, balance, and coordination; or just want something to add to your routine that will shrink your tush and thighs, this “sneaky” move will leave your heart racing, legs burning, and body wanting MORE!

So why does this move target so many of your trouble spots?

The Side Lunge is also a unique lower body exercise because it works not only the quadriceps (thighs) but also targets the inner and outer thighs, hips, glutes and indirectly works your calf muscles as well. By adding the lateral (or side) leg lift you target the outer hip and thigh muscles all the way up to the “beloved” muffin top area. This single exercise utilizes multiple muscle groups and offers numerous benefits. They are easy to do, but proper form is essential to injury prevention. The term lateral implies movement away from the midline of the body. If done while standing, your leg moves outward shifting your balance to your stationary leg. The final piece to this move (before returning to your starting point) is your curtsy lunge. The curtsy lunge hits your glute medius—one of your glute muscles that helps pull your legs away from the midline of your body—and also strengthens your abductors and adductors.
Now that you know what this power packed exercise can do for you, try it between 5-10 times on each leg keeping your hands at your hips. Once you have perfected that move, add the arm variation provided for an additional boost of power.


Oh and after your first week, let us know how you’re doing….

Say good bye to back fat

About a month ago Sherry Bryant from GirlTalkTV ( and I got together to brainstorm the best ways to share some amazing heath, fitness, and wellness tips with women everywhere. We chatted about her fitness goals, and many of the questions that are sent to me each week by women around the country. So…. to begin our awesome health video series we decided to talk about one area that I hear about all the time…  BACK FAT… You know, the area around your bra strap that prevents you from wearing that sexy sundress or tank top. The spot that can creep up on you and one day out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of something in the mirror and yell, “When did that get there?”

Let’s talk about this area that I affectionally refer to as the bra strap muscles (otherwise known as: deltoid, rhomboids, and latissimus dorsi). When you work to strengthen these muscles you will notice significant improvements in your posture, breath control, shoulder stability, range of motion, strength, and fewer injuries in your shoulder joint and shoulder girdle.




Click below to join us for one of my favorite sequences.We are using Slastix toner resistance bands in the video (available at BEYOND MOTION or through our website.)  imgres





Do each exercise 20 times and if you can complete the series with ease, do a total of 3 sets. Complete this program 2-3 times a week and let us know if you’re getting your “sexy back”…

Professional Athlete Training Complex

Professional Athlete Training – Complex (Muscle Snatch Variation)

The video is an example of one of our baseball athletes going through a work capacity/strength phase of training. It ensures that all Beyond Motion Athletes understand hip extension and are physically prepared for more of an external load as they progress.

The male athlete has to be able to do 40% of their body weight before any further progression can take place in their training program.

Through the refinement of the movements we can also pinpoint weaknesses in the athlete that become more visible after their initial evaluation.

During the Romanian Dead Lift you can see with this particular athlete is over developed in his lumbar region and hyper mobile in his thoracic. A trait many baseball players have developed over time. In this particular case we make sure his Glutes are always firing correctly so the pressure is distributed correctly.

You can see in his squat that the athlete has no issue recruiting that area. We make sure the squat begins with a posterior tilt so the glutes remain dominant.

Learn more about professional athlete training at Beyond Motion.

Athlete Training Naples

Want the best Athlete Training Naples?

Your chances of reaching your personal health and fitness goals increase considerably when working with a trainer.

Beyond Motion’s team of motivated and experienced expert trainers, coaches, and therapists have a wide range of expertise that will help you transform your body.

In this video, coach Rick is training professional baseball player in the brand new weight room at BEYOND MOTION. These Mid Shin clean pulls are working in triple extension and bar tempo which is one of the best ways to build strength, speed, and stamina.

View our athlete training programs, our personal training programs, or contact the studio for more information!

Each athlete training program includes an individual assessment that includes anthropometric measurements, functional movement and manual muscle testing as well as performance testing. This is designed to measure the specific attributes necessary for your chosen sport.

An individualized strength and conditioning program is created for every athlete training program based on the strengths and weaknesses derived from your initial program evaluation.

Athlete Training, Speed & Strength Conditioning at Beyond Motion in Naples Florida

Functional Training for Baseball

Using a Keiser Functional Trainer in our baseball training program we are able to create a low to high chopping pattern that not only helps create strength, but gives feedback on the force of the movement as well. All athletes will benefit from the training philosophies and techniques that we offer.

This video was filmed at BEYOND MOTION during our professional athlete’s strength and conditioning session. Moves designed for this session are used for performance and functional training for baseball. View this video with professional athletes using the Keiser Functional Trainer at BEYOND MOTION in Naples, FL with Coach Rick Lademann.