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Testimonials from athletes who train at Beyond Motion in Naples, Florida with personal trainers, pilates, athlete strength and speed training, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, nutritional coaching, corporate wellness, and more

Hear From Our Athletes….

Baseball has always been something I loved to play and have fun with it. I was never a “prodigy” or one of the best players on the field. Even coming into my freshman year I still didn’t believe the hype about me, and didn’t understand why so many people believed in me. I always told myself I was too weak and I just wanted to play for fun. As freshman year came to a close I realized this was something I wanted to take to the second step. Throughout high school season I kept hearing more and more about this Coach named Rick Lademann. So one day I approached some guys on the team that trained with him and heard nothing but positive things about him. So of course I had to tell my parents about this guy. When I told my mom about him she went straight on her phone and looked up Beyond Motion. The next day I was at the front desk paying for my first 12 sessions. To this day my parents say it was the best money they ever spent.

As I went through my sessions I noticed some quick changes in my game. My hand speed, my foot work, my leg strength, and mostly my arm strength, never felt this strong. So of course since I was getting so much stronger, my play on the field became eye opening to scouts. I had no idea what I was doing, or how good I became until I got my first call from a D1 school. It was insane hearing how I could impact SEC and ACC schools.

I went from a scrawny little everyday travel ball and babe Ruth baseball player, to a top D1 program recruit. I can easily say it has all happened from the decision from my parents made to send me to Beyond Motion. But I’m not done yet! I haven’t stopped yet. All I can think about now is that I want more, more, more, more. This man has put a new feature in my mind that I never knew. Im not satisfied with what I have right now, I want to get bigger and stronger everyday. I want to be able to tell Pro scouts that Rick Lademann from Beyond Motion trained me to play and look like this. Not only do I want this for myself, but I love being at Beyond Motion with my team and want to lead them to another state appearance.  Im the only kid on the roster this year that has 2 years of varsity under their belt, and have gone through two strong and unbeatable teams. Another year another chapter. RTD!!

Thank you Coach Rick and the Team at Beyond Motion!  

Shane Marshall- 



Do you remember your last Massage Therapy session?!
How did you feel after?!

Most of my clients would say “I do feel so much better!”, ”My muscles and joints feel so much looser! I am sooooo relaxed!” (Personally this is THE BEST part of being a manual therapist!!! – Seeing my clients relaxed and having less discomfort and pain after their session is my biggest motivation!!)              

Massage Therapy, according to the Mayo Clinic, has a myriad of benefits, ranging from a reduction of stress to help manage pain.
Research has shown that massage therapy promotes better sleep and improves mental health and wellness. It is furthermore proven to help manage low-back and neck pain, headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and more. Elite and recreational athletes alike can benefit from massage therapy by increasing range of motion, a reduction of muscle tension, improvement of exercise performance and prevention of injuries.

Well, let’s be honest. We all do use and abuse our bodies on a regular basis. There are the clients who spend hours sitting, with less than perfect posture, in front of their computer –straining their necks and lower backs; there are the avid golfers and tennis players – asking their bodies to perform at the highest possible level while forgetting about how soft tissue work could help them improve their performance and prevent injuries, or there are the stressed out parents – who only want to do the best for their families without taking the time to care of themselves as well. We ALL would highly benefit from massage therapy.

From my personal as well as professional experience, being a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Doctoral Student of Physical Therapy, I know that regular massages are an essential part of preventative and rehabilitative care for our bodies. Of course, life happens and regular massages are sometimes not high on your priority list. However, please take care of your body and try to get in as much exercise and soft tissue work as you possibly can. I believe that regular massage sessions, besides regular exercise and good nutrition, are your best long-term investment for your body to function optimally. Soft tissue work should be an integral part of cultivating a healthy body and a healthy mind.

My massage practice is centered on blending preventative maintenance and rehabilitation with relaxation and stress relief. While considering each client’s individual goals, reassessing their needs and communicating with their bodies, it is my compassion to offer my clients a massage that is infused with deeply therapeutic as well as relaxing elements. Blending various therapeutic massage modalities into one effective treatment is the ultimate goal of mine.

Let me help you to return and maintain your body at an optimal level of functioning – either as a special treat or as part of your personal prevention program.

In health,

Anja Rottig, LMT, SPT


Have you booked your appointment?


Hi Amy,

I just wanted to thank you for recommending the massage I had last week with Anja. It was superb!!! Anja was excellent and so receptive to what I needed for a therapeutic massage. I have always been hesitant to getting massages but will definitely add them to my wellness regimen especially when I am here in Naples. I would definitely recommend Anja for an awesome therapeutic massage!

Thanks again!

Nancy DellaPosta

Massage appointments at BEYOND MOTION® are by appointment. Call 239-254-9300 to book yours today . See you soon!

Become a Pilates Teacher with BEYOND MOTION®

Congratulate these ladies for starting their journey!

These fabulous ladies just completed our Pilates Mat Teacher Training.

Congratulations to: Renee’, Isabel, and Suzie!

Our next round of Pilates Teacher Training’s begins on July 22nd and will have your entire course work completed in time to teach Pilates starting in January, 2017.

Over the last decade, Pilates has grown in popularity with everyone from athletes, to celebrities, as well all of us just looking to create and maintain a healthy, fit body. This HUGE amount of popularity has created a need for highly educated Pilates teachers.

Unfortunately, this need for instructors has led to fly-by-night teacher training schools popping up all over.  Historically, as a Pilates teacher we needed to undergo 400 – 600 hours of lecture, observation, and self practice, in order to safely teach clients and understand their needs. Now we see companies advertising that they “certify” Pilates teachers in as little as just 8-16 hours… (oh please…)

BEYOND MOTION® does NOT offer one of those “quickie” teacher training programs. Our comprehensive teacher training course requires over 450 hours of lecture, observation, self practice and exams, as well as apprenticing at the BEYOND MOTION® studio.  Graduates of the program will be fully qualified to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam (Which is the ONLY NCAA accredited Pilates Teacher Certification in the world.)

I started this program because of what I was seeing during interviews. Many instructors had great energy, but little knowledge. They learned how to regurgitate choreography, but didn’t understand how to pull the exercises apart, or why to teach some exercises to some students, and not to others. So here we are…. BEYOND MOTION® PILATES TEACHER TRAINING.

While there are many amazing and reputable companies around the globe, you may need to travel quite far and pay HUGE amounts of money for the training. I wanted people to be able to study in SW Florida, learn more than just choreography and truly understand the practice. Join us and learn the amazing power that Pilates has to truly transform your body, and your life.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, we invite you to follow the links below.. Trust us it’s one of the MOST rewarding training programs you can experience!

What are people saying about the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge?

Hi everyone!

Our last blog talked about the benefits of the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge and what the possibilities are for you, as you take 1 month to explore what IS actually possible in terms of developing vitality, health, and wellness. Well rather than me standing on a soap box promoting all of the amazing success stories and telling you that I KNOW you will feel better after your 30 (well actually it ends up being 33 days of lessons, tips, pointers, recored video calls, videos, hand outs, new friends, new foods, and more…) challenge I thought you would rather hear from some of our recent SF Grads… I am so so proud of everyone for going through their journey, and taking the time to truly explore what’s possible, when you stop dieting and start living!

So Join me and Carmen as we lead you through a journey of self discovery, education and fun!

Friends for more than 14 years working together again.
Friends for more than 14 years working together again.

If you’re curious about what the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge will do for your body and your life Click here to learn more about joining the next SexyFit Nutrition Challenge!










Hi Amy,

I thought I’d take a few minutes to put in to words how things have changed for me since doing the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge.  Here goes….

I decided to do Sexy Fit because I felt bloated and was slowly creeping up on the scale.  I had been diagnosed with Celiac disease a year prior and had taken to eating unhealthy gluten free food.  I was not sure of what to eat and wasn’t taking the time to prepare healthy meals for myself.  I had no energy – was taking naps and just didn’t feel great.  I was working out but not enough.  I was attracted to the Sexy Fit program because 1. I had confidence that if you recommended it it must be pretty good;   2.  I was hoping it would help me get on a program of healthy eating and of course and   3.  I needed to lose about 8 pounds.  

I followed the program “to a t” and enjoyed every bit of it – except for the first week when I had a headache for pretty much the whole time.  As I

Loving Life Post SexyFit Nutrition Challenge
Loving Life Post SexyFit Nutrition Challenge

mentioned before I was a HUGE coffee drinker and I am sure that the caffeine withdrawal contributed to the headache.  I felt a tremendous boost in energy from the get go.  I started to wonder if the health pack nutrients had speed in them!  I felt so much better getting up in the morning and taking in nutrition instead of loading my body with coffee.  As the time went on I tried the recommended recipes and found them very satisfactory and I have continued to eat the Sexy Fit way to this day.  I can’t imagine eating any differently.  I have found that when we go out with friends it isn’t difficult to eat healthy and I just don’t have the desire to eat the junk I used to eat.  I love vegetables and can’t get enough – they are all I really want.  I do eat chicken and fish but keep the “meat” portion of my meals pretty small.  NO MORE SUGAR CRAVINGS!  Hooray!  

I lost a good 10 – 11  pounds and am holding.  I lost inches in my waist, hips and thighs and actually do feel a little sexy!  I thought that at 58 I would just have dimply looking legs and abs but found that isn’t true.  I feel healthy, happy and strong – strength coming from the wonderful Barre Motion classes.  

One of these days I will go back and work on the “me” part of the program a little more…I mostly focused on the food part and definitely learned how to create healthy meals throughout the day – focusing on low glycemic carbs, healthy fats, good fiber and clean protein.  

Hopefully I won’t ever stop following the Sexy Fit lifestyle.  I can’t imagine I would.

Thanks for encouraging me to do the program – I feel like a new person (a much younger new person!)



Feeling fit & fabulous!
Feeling fit & fabulous!

My sexy fit journey started one year before I actually started the diet.  I walked into Beyond motion overworked and tired and started a new exercise regiment.  One of my dive buddies had strongly suggested that I try “Barre class”.  So I did YOURS. It took me one year before I realized it would take my body more than just a new exercise routine so “Sexy Fit” was the next step.  I lost about 12/15 pounds during the 30 day program. I have continued throughout the year and am down 35 pounds so far.  This has been an easy adjustment for me as I love fresh veggies and healthy food.  It’s how I was combining them that has made all the difference! I feel more energized and my mussels don’t hurt all the time and I sleep much better. 

As I continue on this journey I am now shopping for a new wardrobe 3 sizes smaller.  That makes me happy!  I now think twice when I am ordering out. For example…  In a week moment, I went to Publix for a  sub. While waiting in line, I noticed that they make a Mediterranean veggie wrap, it was fantastic.   A better choice. 

This program is slowly but surely changing my life. And I love it.

Thank you for everything.



Thanks Amy for reaching out.

I am on the road…just got back from Brasilia and left a day and half later for work in Pennsylvania.  Home for 5 days then off to Guatemala…..its been a very busy start to the year.  I have been trying to keep up with the videos managing to see them a few days late.  That said, I have been experiencing great results from the program…I feel entirely different, I have “learned” a completely different way to travel.  I had felt soooo bloated and stuck before I started with the program and now I feel entirely different from the inside out.  I literally feel like I deflated…so the inflammation has subsided.  The shakes have been great in the morning.  Salads have been the savior because I am eating with clients all the time for lunch.  All in all, it has been a great investment and I have seen good results.  My exercise routine is now what needs help as when I travel I have to get a good routine for the hotel room before and after the 12-14 hour work days.

I think I have lost about 3 inches all around and about 5lbs in the first 18 days of the program. 

Thanks again. 




Hi Amy, 

I’m doing well and feeling good.  Good energy and better sleep.   I lost 8-9 lbs over the month.  I didn’t eliminate coffee, just 

cut it down to 1 cup in the morning.  I just couldn’t do the headache thing for a week. I think the program is great.  For me, the reset week was the best.  Absolutely no decisions. Loved it.  I found the water consumption tough.  I couldn’t do it if I was still working.  I like the vitamin packs too.  Much easier than hauling bottles around.

I was pleased overall with the program.


Get SexyFit with BEYOND MOTION’s SexyFit Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition, diet, and weight loss programs are advertised everywhere. No matter what you read, or where you look you can find a program with the “perfect” quick tips, suggestions, and solutions. And if you’re like many of us, you’ve tried lots of things to look and feel your best. From Vegan to Paleo and everything in between, each eating style and program claims to be perfect… But are they really, perfect for you???


When selecting a new program to help you loose weight and change your lifestyle forever, I highly suggest using a system that offers you the education, support, and information you will need to really set yourself up for success. For more than a decade I have been teaching people about low-glycemic eating, portion control, nutrient timing, proper supplementation, and so much more. BEYOND MOTION’s SexyFit Nutrition Challenge is one of my favorite education programs, because it works. The science, education, ongoing support, and complete system set you up for long-term success. NO GUESS WORK. NO GAMES. NO FADS. JUST SUCCESS! And better yet, the program is ideal for your entire family.


Just to give you an idea of what others are saying about BEYOND MOTION’s SexyFit Nutrition Challenge, watch this interview from a mother and daughter truly working to not only support one another – but to help the rest of their family too.

What are Others Saying About the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge with BEYOND MOTION®?

“I have been experiencing great results from the SexyFit Nutrition program…I feel entirely different, I have “learned” a completely different way to travel.  I had felt so bloated and stuck before I started with the program and now I feel entirely different from the inside out.  I literally feel like I deflated…so the inflammation has subsided.  The shakes have been great in the morning.  Salads have been the savior because I am eating with clients all the time for lunch.  All in all, it has been a great investment and I have seen good results.  I think I have lost about 3 inches all around and about 5lbs in the first 18 days.”               Thanks again.  Mina

Are you a SexyFit candidate? 

  • Are you tired of the yoyo diets?
  • Are you tired of the latest fads that work for a week and are too hard to stick too?
  • Are you tired of not fitting into your favorite clothes?
  • Are you ready for more energy?
  • Are you ready for a program that your ENTIRE house can agree on?
  • Are you ready to sleep better?
  • Are you ready to become SexyFit???

 Click Here to Find Out How You Can Become SexyFit during our March 2016 Challenge!


Ex-FGCU star Chris Sale of White Sox soaks up Night at the Nest

Dec. 04, 2015

FORT MYERS — The growing legend of Chris Sale keeps getting larger, but he’ll never be too big for the school that really helped him start it all.

As he has since its inception in 2010, the Chicago White Sox starter, four-time American League All-Star and 2010 Collegiate Player of the Year was back at Florida Gulf Coast University on Friday for the annual Night at the Nest, the athletics fundraiser for the Eagles.

“This is where I really grew up,” Sale said. “I feel at home here as much as anywhere else. I always like to come here pretty soon after I get home to catch up. Spill my guts; they spill their guts. We exchange stories and just kind of catch up. It’s fun. You can’t not like coming here.”

Dressed in the usual untucked plaid shirt above jeans and sporting the same close-cropped hairstyle from his college days, the first-ever Eagle to have his jersey (No. 41) retired was again at the sold-out fundraiser with his college sweetheart and wife of three years, Brianna. Five-year-old son Rylan sat this one out, but Sale was quick to pull out slow-motion video of him driving, quite impressively, plastic golf balls from his backyard. The Sales have a home not far from campus, and Sale often works out at FGCU in the offseason.

In fact, he’s already been there quite a bit. He’s also been working out yet again with Rick Lademann of Beyond Motion in Naples. On Wednesdays he does Pilates with Lademann’s wife, Amy, as he did a few years ago.

“They’ve always been great to me over there,” Sale said. “This is my fourth year now, so more of the same.”


Read the full story from this week’s Naples Daily News:  click here to read more


Nutritional Coaching Testimonial | Jennifer

It’s week 3 and day #24 and I can’t believe how great I feel. As a nurse, and someone who has always struggled with her weight, I knew all the “methods”; South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, etc. If it’s out there, I’ve prob tried it. When I saw the email about the SFNC, I almost didn’t call you to inquire because I thought, it’ll be like every other effort and amount to nothing. I’m soooooo glad I tried one last time.


I always understood that refined white carbs weren’t a great thing, and that I needed more protein. I never knew much about essential fatty acids or supplements. This program has helped me put it all together with incredible results, at least to me.

I feel fantastic. The 5 day RESET was surprisingly easy since I was never hungry and noticed I was sleeping better almost right away. Seeing a 5+ pound weight loss at day 5 was awesome, but I just felt better every day, and that really kept me going. I had the tools I needed to travel and get thru the holidays and felt like I didn’t miss a thing (because I didn’t!). I remain unhungry, so it’s a lot easier to make good choices and I am cooking things I didn’t really know before and find I love most of them. I am sleeping better than I have in years (literally since 2008 and my cancer diagnosis), I’m not snoring and I wake up easily with lots of energy. My overall mood is so improved. After more than a year of trying to lose weight, and “depriving myself” to do so, but making no progress, I was taking it out on everyone, especially myself. Now, I feel like I’ve gone 180 degrees. It isn’t just the weight, it truly is about feeling better on so many planes. The weight loss almost feels like a nice side effect :)

Just wanted to take a minute to put it down on paper, thanks again for everything, it has and continues to be life altering.

Update- day #27. Between my barre classes and Pilates workouts at BEYOND MOTION, and the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge I’m down 6” in 27 days.

Thanks again


Erika Erndl

“I have incorporated Pilates into my training regimen because swimming requires functional movement, incredible core strength and balance.”

– Erika Erndl, 2009-2010 US National Team Member (100 Meter Freestyle), Florida Female Swimmer of the Year, Seven-Time NCAA First Team All American, Two-Time Recipient Most Valuable Swimmer, University of North Carolina

Fitness testimonial for BEYOND MOTION from Erika Erndl