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Cut Your 5K Time With Pilates

Rick found this article in July’s edition of Men’s Health magazine that may be helpful for runners and tri-athletes. Actually, the benefits of Pilates are great for everyone, athlete or not.

We use Pilates in our athlete’s training programs and always notice HUGE benefits in their overall performance. From high school to the pros, everyone always comments about how they feel after their Pilates sessions. There’s truly no better workout to incorporate into your weekly program if you are looking to improve your core strength, flexibility, endurance, body awareness, breath control, and posture.

Ready to try some Mat Pilates at home or on the road?? Check out BEYONDMOTION.TV for some great Pilates workouts for all levels. Have questions? Email us at or comment below.

Baseball Pitching Coach – Greg Dombrowski now at BEYOND MOTION®

We are very fortunate to have Coach Dombrowski join Beyond Motion® this summer for #pitching lessons. Between the analytics, we can offer within the facility and the pro-style mound outside, it’s the perfect set-up for our pitching coach.

As a player, Greg led Rome Free Academy to 2 sectional championships and a trip to the State Final Four in 2003. He was named the Central New York Pitcher of the Year after the 2003 season as well as a 3 time all league, all Central New York and All-State player each of his 3 seasons at RFA. After graduation, he attended the University of Kentucky for four years playing in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) leading UK to their first-ever SEC championship in 2006. In 2006, he led the pitching staff with a 10-2 record and a 2.83 ERA. That year he beat five top 25 nationally ranked teams including a complete game in the NCAA regional over Notre Dame.

Greg played on 3 nationally ranked teams before leaving Kentucky with the second most wins in school history and is still the school record holder in career winning percentage with a 23-5 career record. He was named a 3rd team pre-season All-American his Junior season, an All-South Region performer, and was on the Roger Clemens Award Watch List 3 years, a list comprised of the top 50 pitchers in college baseball and given to the nation’s best.


After graduating from Kentucky with a degree in Kinesiology and Health Education, Greg played in the Cincinnati Reds Minor League System before succumbing to a career-ending shoulder injury requiring surgery.

For lessons call
ages 10 & up

Suspension Training with Bodhi

The Bodhi Suspension System: A Brief Review

Watch out TRX, there’s a new suspension system out on the fitness scene. The Bodhi suspension system is suspension training with a Pilates twist. Suspension training is a form of resistance training which uses a series of ropes along with your body weight. The ropes are attached to what is referred to as the anchor- a pipe, beam, or ring, either mounted to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. By using handles and/or straps attached to the ropes, you can perform an array of different dynamic movements. You’re basically working against gravity with the goal of developing strength, balance, flexibility, and joint mobility. Bodhi provides two anchor points and four possible points of suspension, whereas the TRX system has only a single anchor and two points of suspension. The additional points of suspension make more variations available and can provide a deeper movement experience.

In this humble Pilates teacher’s opinion; double the suspension, double the fun! 

The creator of the system is a woman named Khita Whyatt. When a car accident left her with significant paralysis to her left side, Khita took control and began conceptualizing her return to health. The shearing injury, which had damaged the connections between the two hemispheres of her brain, impeded communication between the right and left side and made it feel as though her brain could not find the left side and get it to function voluntarily. Along with the disconnect from her left side, she also could no longer contract her deeper muscles, including the transverse abdominals. Because of her strong understanding of the body (Khita was a Rolfer and longtime Pilates practitioner), she knew she would have to develop a system that would re-engage the non-responsive deep and mid layer muscles without being able to consciously feel or contract them. The way, she discovered, was through an anchor and a couple of ropes. Enter Bodhi.

Bodhi means “awaken” in Sanskrit. It was an aptly named system. When your body moves in and out of alignment with gravity, it stimulates a reaction in the deepest muscles; that of “hugging into the bone”. The body has something called the righting reflex, also known as the Labyrinthine righting reflex, for all you nerds out there. It refers to your body’s reflex to correct its orientation when taken out of the upright position. So when you lean into the ropes, it is your body’s reflexive reaction to contract even some of the deepest muscles which also provides support for your joints. You can also modify the intensity of the movement by adjusting your center of gravity, or by deepening the lean. The deeper the lean, the more the stabilizing muscles of the body, including the deep core, spinal erectors, and shoulder girdle have to work. Through her training on the Bodhi, Khita was able to re-educate her neuromuscular system to fire in a coordinated fashion and re-stimulate her sense of stability, mobility, and proper alignment. She has experienced a full recovery and I have been told if you met her, you’d never be able to tell she was partially paralyzed.

The fact that the Bodhi is suspended from two anchor points means you have a more anatomically correct set up which is more kinesthetically pleasing and allows for a greater variety of movement patterns. The Bodhi’s two suspension points also allow for a lot of creativity. When I participated in a Bodhi teacher training, I was amazed at the scope and diversity of the exercises that can be performed on this most simple of designs. Exercises can be done standing, lying face down and on your back (supine and prone, respectively, if you want to get technical) and even lying on your side.  Different points of suspension can be added to each exercise. For example, a row (an exercise where, leaning away from your anchor, you pull your arms toward you body retracting your shoulders together) with both feet planted of the floor feels very different from a row with one leg suspended by a strap. So, regardless of your fitness level, the Bodhi can accommodate your individual needs. An exercise can be of a beginner to an intermediate level or can be more advanced and athletic. As with any session you’ll experience at Beyond Motion, the difficulty level will be adjusted to be appropriate for you.

The Bodhi is a very intuitive system and provides a unique movement experience. We have had a lot of success implementing it into Pilates sessions with all of our clients. It’s a very cool experience that we recommend to anyone looking for a fun, innovative workout that challenges your body in an entirely new way. 









For more information and to book a session call 239-254-9300 or email us at:


Beyond Motion Staff Personal Jamie

Pilates Day Celebration – Workouts

Every year on the first Saturday of May people around the world celebrate International Pilates Day. Knowing this year Pilates Day also falls on the same day as Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, we decided to celebrate with everyone online… allowing you to participate in some of our favorite Pilates moves from the comfort of your own home.



And stay tuned for more videos and workouts by subscribing to our youtube channel BEYONDMOTION.TV



Need stronger glutes? Try this glute series and let us know if you’re feeling the burn…



Looking to build endurance and challenge your core? Try this series of 5… a secret weapon to help develop your six pack.

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Weightlifting


Beyond Motion Olympic Weightlifting Rick LademannRick was mentored and trained by world-renowned Olympic Strength Coach, Dragomir Ciroslan of the Olympic Training Center, as well as famed Strength Coach Al Vermeil with the Chicago Bulls.

They are some of the nation’s leading experts in human performance, strength & speed and Olympic Training Techniques.

If you are craving to learn these movements, BEYOND MOTION is Southwest Florida’s official Olympic Weightlifting Center.

Whether you know these lifts and want to get better, or if you want to learn them so you can incorporate them into your current workout program, BEYOND MOTION is the Olympic Weightlifting Center you want to train with.

Olympic Weightlifting epitomizes the human desire to seek out challenges, to attempt to do what is seemingly impossible, and to succeed.

At the highest level, Olympic Weightlifting is very much a contest between an athlete and his or her belief in themselves. It is a pure test of flesh and blood, against iron and gravity. The two competition lifts are the snatch and the clean and the jerk.

In comparison with other strength sports, (which test limit strength with or without lifting aids), Olympic Weightlifting tests aspects of human ballistic limits (explosive strength), and are therefore executed faster and with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution than other lifts.

Properly executed Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk, are dynamic and explosive, while appearing graceful (especially when viewed from a recording at a slow speed).  While there are relatively few competitive Olympic lifts, the lifts and their components are commonly used by elite athletes in other sports to train for both explosive and functional strength.

Interested in Olympic Weightlifting competitions? Want better power and more explosiveness?

Discover your true strength with our Olympic Weightlifting experts at BEYOND MOTION.  Please call 239-254-9300 to schedule your private Olympic Lifting Session.


Team Training

Team Training

Beyond Motion Athlete TrainingThere is no doubt that most any team or organization will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the BEYOND MOTION strength and conditioning staff.

Regardless of the sport or activity, our highly-trained and certified coaches have the tools to develop scientifically-based programs catered for your athletes.

Whether you are looking to maximize your potential in-season or stay ahead of the competition in the off-season, we can provide you with extraordinary guidance to ensure that athletes are getting stronger, faster and avoiding unnecessary injuries. We incorporate strength training, speed training, & Pilates so each teammate is getting the treatment their body deserves.

Team testing and performance evaluations can also be provided at an additional cost.

We encourage you to book team training sessions today. Call us at (239) 254-9300 so we can be that missing link and assist your program in achieving its ultimate goal – to win.

Beyond Motion team training programs

Pilates Studio

Pilates Studio

Beyond Motion Pilates Equipment Studio Naples FloridaWhat is Pilates?

Joseph H. Pilates, the founder of the Pilates (pronounced Pul-ah-teez) exercise method, was born in Germany. As a child, he was frail, living with asthma and other childhood conditions. To build his body and grow stronger, he took up several different sports, eventually becoming an accomplished athlete.

As a nurse in Great Britain during World War I, he designed exercise methods and equipment, for immobilized patients and soldiers.

Joseph believed that our physical and mental health are intertwined, so he designed his exercise program around key principles that supported this philosophy.

These key principles are what makes Pilates the amazingly effective workout

Beyond Motion testimonial from Naples Florida resident Sue
“Always changing and challenging, Pilates equipment and various classes have improved my body and spirit in spite of the years! Thank you for being part of my life. Love you, Sue.”


Pilates for Sports Performance

Pilates can help to improve your sporting performance by providing muscle balance, core strength, correct posture, muscle flexibility and muscle efficiency. By ensuring these things your body works most efficiently and you can perform at peak level.

Pilates also helps you by increasing your body awareness, which reduces the risk of injuries, as you know how to control your muscles to support your body.

Pilates is an ideal training component for golf, tennis, running, cycling and swimming because it strengthens the entire core and increases flexibility.

For sports that require movement from one side of your body – including golf, tennis, pickleball, and baseball – Pilates should be a weekly part of your athletes’ training program. In these sports, usually, muscles on one side of your body develop while the other side becomes weaker. Pilates combats this by ensuring even muscle tone, coordination, and control.

Pre & Postnatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates at Beyond Motion in Naples FloridaPilates is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise to prepare your body for birth, support it while you are pregnant and help you to recover your strength, endurance, and energy after giving birth.

Benefits include increasing body control and building lung capacity, both which helps during labor; the building of abdominal strength and tone for an easier birth and faster recovery; building of strength in your core to help with your lower back during pregnancy and the building of strength in your arms, shoulders, chest and back for better posture, support and overall greater movement.

Beyond Motion Pilates Equipment Classes Naples FloridaPrivate & Semi-Private Instruction

We offer one-hour private and semi-private sessions in our exclusive Pilates studios. Clients will be integrated to all of our Pilates apparatus as their repertoire grows. Reformer, tower, chair, Pilates arc, and more. Each client will be evaluated and given a customized workout based on their own specific needs.

Register Online Now for a Pilates Equipment Evaluation at BEYOND MOTION!

Note: we will never sell your information. Read our privacy policy here.

Group Equipment Classes

Each class member has their own Pilates equipment station for their exclusive use during the class. To maximize your workout, each Pilates station includes reformer, jump-board, half trapeze, arc, and small Pilates props.

We offer the most innovative and advanced state-of-the-art equipment from Balanced Body to provide you with the ULTIMATE PILATES EXPERIENCE!

Pilates can help create your ultimate body. Whether it’s in a group class or a private session, it can enhance your strength, increase your flexibility and target your problem areas.

Professional dancers have used Pilates for decades to keep their bodies strong, flexible and able to perform. Top athletes use it for strength, flexibility, and injury prevention. Hollywood celebrities and supermodels use it to maintain beautiful physiques.                   (A minimum of 10 private Pilates sessions at BEYOND MOTION are required prior to entering our Pilates Equipment Classes.)

MOTR & Bodhi Sessions

Love the way your body feels after a Pilates session, but want to add even more cardio to your workout? Then MOTR is for you! These fun, innovative classes incorporate everything you LOVE about Pilates and even more. Combine Pilates Movement Principles, the power of aerobic conditioning, and the balance and release exercises you can do on a foam roller and you have MOTR! These classes will challenge and change your body all while using Pilates form, posture, and breath. MOTR classes are great cross-conditioning classes for everyone. (If you’re new to MOTR you will need at least one private session prior to joining a class.)

Bodhi is suspension training at its best! Unlike other systems, Bodhi is a four-point suspension system allowing your upper and lower body to be suspended all at once, or one part at a time. With its ergonomically designed components, you will be in the perfect alignment for your body at all times. Bodhi allows your body to be challenged in an entirely new way.


Come see for yourself and begin the transformation.

For group equipment classes, all students must complete a Pilates evaluation and a minimum of 10 private sessions, prior to entering into Pilates equipment classes. Classes are by level of experience. **You must know the classes you have been approved for PRIOR to signing up for Pilates equipment classes. Not all classes are suitable for all students.  If you have questions, please call us at 239-254-9300.

Please purchase your Pilates equipment package and reserve your class times by clicking below, you may schedule your classes up to 30 days in advance. All classes must be scheduled online ahead of time.

Classes require a 24-hour cancellation to avoid being charged for your class.

Interested in becoming a certified Pilates instructor? Check out our new Pilates Teacher Training Program!

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training Naples Florida Rick LademannThe benefits of personal training are significant

Your chances of reaching your personal health and fitness goals increase considerably when working with a certified personal trainer.

Our motivated and experienced certified personal trainers bring a wide range of expertise to BEYOND MOTION.

Each trainer has been carefully selected for his/her outstanding credentials and commitment to training and fitness.

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Your one-hour fitness assessment is performed by BEYOND MOTION’s expert personal training team. Your evaluation leads to your personal goal-oriented “fitness prescription.”

Discuss your personal fitness goals and interests with your personal trainer. He/she will be able to direct you to the many other fitness programs offered at BEYOND MOTION.

Research shows that individuals who diversify their training regiment are more likely to achieve their fitness goals. You will always discover new ways to challenge your body at BEYOND MOTION.

Personal Training in Naples, Florida at Beyond MotionThank you for understanding my passion for running marathons, and going above and beyond to help me with my training. It means everything to have someone behind you that believes in you and recognizes and appreciates effort, heart and hard work. You are a GREAT coach and I appreciate you and the entire BEYOND MOTION family. I always look forward to training! – Jamie DePaola


Now is the time to go beyond your expectations and beyond your personal best. Our highly qualified certified personal trainers are ready to put you to work.

Apply Online Now for your Personal Training Fitness Evaluation

Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Beyond Motion Pilates Group Classes Naples FloridaBEYOND MOTION’s custom-designed group fitness program utilizes all aspects the studio has to offer, from strength and conditioning classes, to cardio barre and Pilates there’s something for everyone.

A variety of classes are throughout the week, allowing you to create a schedule based on your fitness goals and personal preference.


Lift, move, reach
and have fun too!

Fitness classes are a great way to increase your cardio, strength and flexibility in a motivating group environment.

Whether you are visiting for a few days or live here full time, there are plenty of options for everyone.

Choose your package and your favorite classes, and begin creating your ideal fitness program now!

Beyond Motion testimonial Erika Erndl“I have incorporated Pilates into my training regimen because swimming requires functional movement, incredible core strength and balance.” – Erika Erndl, 2009-2010 US National Team Member, Florida Female Swimmer of the Year, Seven-Time NCAA First Team All American, Two-Time Recipient Most Valuable Swimmer



  • Group fitness classes can be purchased in packages of 5, 10, 15, or 20 classes.
  • Each package is valid 4 months from the date of purchase and are designed so that you’ll be able to take 2, 3, or 4 classes per week!
  • Packages & sessions are non refundable, and non transferable.
  • To book a class or purchase a package below click “Sign Up.” You can also, contact us for more info on our group fitness packages.


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