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Farida is a Pilates Instructor Farida moved to the Naples area six years ago, and was originally introduced to Pilates at her local fitness studio during her fourteen year long residency in Minnesota. She was first expose to Mat Pilates, and shortly after to the Pilates Reformer-and fell in love with it instantly. Her Pilates career grew as she received the Polestar Pilates Certification.

Farida loves Pilates because it is unique in what it has to offer. Practicing the principles of movement such as elongation, core stability, concentration, and alignment enhance mobility and strength with efficiency for all bodies. Personally, Pilates has assisted Farida in minimizing her scoliosis symptoms.

Farida was born in Bulgaria where she lived for thirteen years. Her father who was Indonesian, had a job that required an abundant amount of traveling, and this allowed Farida to live in four different cities in Germany, two cities in France, USA, Indonesia, Algeria and Tunisia. Farida loved experiencing the different cultures and learning the languages.

She is a graduate of Schiller International University in Heidelberg with a degree in Political Science.

Currently, Farida is excited to continue her Pilates education through Beyond Motion’s Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training.

“I am honored to be able to share my knowledge with my clients, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Beyond Motion Family!”