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Amy Lademann

Co-BeyondMotion Founder + Owner Amy Lademann

Co-Founder + Owner:

Pilates Method Alliance ®-CPT


B.S. Business Administration


Certifications Include:


Bodi Suspension System®


NGA Figure Pro


Amy has dedicated her life to health and fitness.

Being a co-founder of BEYOND MOTION® and the creator of the Barre Motion Programs weren’t just career choices for Amy, they were part of a larger mission.  She pours herself into her work because she strongly believes that the overall wellbeing of one’s body is the most important thing in the world.

And she has good reason to think so.

As a teenager, her father was diagnosed with cancer. And though she admits he didn’t focus on taking care of his health as she does today, Amy also says that his diagnosis led her to search for answers as to why and how this happened.

And what she found surprised her. It infuriated her. And it inevitably changed her life.

At the age of 16, while many teens were fast on their way to eating junk food and adopting lazy lifestyles, Amy began researching the quality of food and personal care products. She began to believe that many of the ingredients listed on labels might have contributed not only to her father’s health issues, but also to the health issues of many other family members who suffered from chronic degenerative diseases.

Amy’s father died at the age of 45.

Amy was just 21 years old.

And several members of her family also passed away within a few short years of one another.

The sadness and the loss empowered Amy even more to fight for her own health and wellbeing.

Amy was determined to take responsibility for how she treated herself, and she made it her goal to help others do the same.

She ventured into the world of health, and she eventually fell in love with everything it had to offer. And quickly, her passion turned into her work.

Amy became an aerobics instructor at age 16 and a bit later added her step certification as well. She studied dance as a child, and began cheering and studying martial arts in college. In the 1990s she became certified in yoga, the Nia Technique and soon after she was led to the world of Pilates. Over the past decade Amy has earned her certifications in a wide variety of dance fitness techniques, and is passionate about continuing her lifelong education in all forms of movement because she believes that a true educator is always a student.

Today, Amy is not only the co-founder of a thriving business, but she is also a Pilates instructor, and started pursuing her initial certification in the late 1990s with Polestar Pilates. To expand her repertoire she has since trained with a myriad of renowned Pilates programs throughout the world. Amy is  certified through the Pilates Method Alliance, and has completed her MOTR® and Bodhi Suspension System® trainings through Balanced Body University.

Amy offers a full 450-hour comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program at BEYOND MOTION®. BEYOND MOTION’s Pilates Instructor Training program is designed using a contemporary approach to the classical method.

Amy is also a motivational speaker and a nutrition coach and has been certified for many years. She has spent more than 20 years educating people on how to take a holistic approach to healthy living and perhaps one of her most successful approaches to date is the creation of Barre Motion in 2011, a cardio barre program that helps people create an “ideal” relationship with their bodies. The Barre Motion mantra of feeling strength, finding grace, and embracing personal power, has changed lives around the world.

Amy’s goal remains just as it was when she was that teenager struggling with her father’s illness – she wants to help people understand that being healthy doesn’t simply mean working out for 30 minutes a day, being thin or eating fruits and vegetables every now and then. It’s about what you do every day, to live your best, healthiest life possible.


Looking to raise her own bar, in 2017 Amy competed in her first Figure and Bikini competitions through the NGA (National Gym Association) a drug free bodybuilding organization. At her first competition, she won first place in Figure Debut (for first time on stage); Figure Masters (for the over 35 year old category); Figure Open (every age and level) and Second Place in Bikini Open. She also earned her Pro Card (meaning she can compete at the pro vs amateur level) in Figure competitions. Needless to say striving to improve one’s best self is just as important to her now as it was all those years ago.

“There’s so much more to taking care of oneself then just thinking about your weight. Being healthy is about creating a sustainable lifestyle,” Amy says. “It’s about being connected from your inside out. Taking a holistic approach to create balance between body, mind and soul is the only way to reach your ultimate potential in fitness and in life.”